Are Your Blogs Boring?

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Blogs Are Not Dead

The majority of the contractor websites I see today have a blog. Many of these blogs are not active. I’ll see just a few post for awhile and then nothing for months. I understand this problem as it is very difficult to keep up on a blog. Typically a business owner is asking himself things like: 

What should I write about?

Will people read my content?

Will they even care that I have a blog?

Will it drive more traffic?

Will it bring me more work?

All are good questions to ask, but perhaps one of the best questions to ask is this, “Are my blogs boring?” Blogging is still very much alive and well. Blogging, if done right, can still be a very effective way to drive traffic and more leads to your business. It takes time. It takes a commitment to be consistent at writing quality and helpful content.

Here are a few quick tips to keep your content alive.

  • Change The Name of Your Blog: Instead of calling it a blog, maybe call it a “Learning Center.”
  • Don’t Be So Worried About Subscribers: Let’s face it, your blog may not get a lot of subscribers. A lot of prospects don’t go to contractor websites and subscribe to get updates about projects, helpful tips, etc. Instead they will spend time on sites like Houzz or Pinterest. The only way to really get subscribers is to create a blog that is 100% about helping and educating people. This would require a lot of work on your end; lots of planning, content, videos, guest posts, and more. If you are not committed to doing this, subscribing to a blog should not be the focus.
  • Keep It Interesting: Write as though you were having a conversation with a friend who does not know anything about what you do. Write content that you think he or she would like to read. There is a young woman, who just 3+ years ago started a blog called FOOD BABE. She was interested in what was really in the food she was eating. So she started blogging about just that: educating her readers on what is in their food: good and bad. In just a few years, she has perhaps had more positive influence on the food industry than any other blogger. Large companies are listening to her: McDonalds, Subway, Chic-Fil-A and so on. Check out her bio and accomplishments here.
  • Blog About Your Projects Using Quality Images: Having quality pictures of your work is perhaps one of the best ways to keep your blog from being boring. The keyword here is “quality”. It is easy to snap a few photos and post them. However, I know how it is working in the field and trying to get good shots from your crews. 9 times out of 10, the picture qualities are junk; poor lighting, blurry, or not the right angle. Your readers don’t need to see 60 photos of a project. Really all that is needed might be 4-6 of your best photos. Show them a before and after of an entry door that went from white to a rich raspberry color. Show off a plain white room with a new color scheme. I call this type of blogging, “Project Blogs”. You’ll never really run out of blogs to write if you can get a few good photos and say a few things about the project: colors used, how long it took, the cost, and location.
  • Educational Video Blogs: For those of you who are not writers, try doing a few video blogs. Make them educational and informative. Maybe do a few tips such as, “Cleaning Gutters” or “Preparing Your Home for the Winter”. You can also use videos to get testimonials from your clients or to give a quick summary of a job you have completed. The same rule applies here though: Make sure the videos are not shaky or corny. To avoid this, use a tripod when you can and do a little editing!

Hope these few tips you find helpful. Don’t give up. Keep up the blogs and marketing even when you are in your busiest season: winter is coming again!

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