Use LinkedIn For More Than Just Building Connections

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LinkedIn made some major improvements in 2014. There were times a few years ago when I wondered if LinkedIn was going to stay in the game. Many businesses moved their resources over to Facebook for a time, but I am beginning to see them slowly migrate back to LinkedIn, which I think is a great move. LinkedIn pulled through. It has once again become a very strong place for companies to network and grow their businesses. Read More

When You’re Busy and You Know It, What Do You Do?

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Remember the song you or your kids sang in preschool, When You’re Happy and You Know It“? There were specific actions involved and, if you were like the rest of the kids in the group singing, you would follow suit: clap your hands, stomp your feet, and say “Amen!”

As odd as it might initially seem, learning these kinds of reactive responses can tie in today with your overall marketing strategy, and how you handle the natural cycles of workload and growth. Read More

What Is a Responsive Website, and Do I Need One?

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What is a Responsive Site

Have you received emails or been asked by designers and marketers if your website is “responsive” or has a responsive layout? Do you wonder what on earth they are talking about and why it matters? In the years ahead, you will continue to hear the word “responsive” used in to describe websites, so we all should learn what it means!

Read More

Your Evolving Role as a Sales Rep in the Digital Age

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blog-post-sales-embracing-digital-ageRemember When…

Remember the golden years of the sales rep? From late 1999 up until around 2007, being a salesperson in the home improvement world was, for lack of a better phrase, pretty darn good and rewarding. Sure, you had to have some sales skills and be pleasant with people, but overall it was fairly smooth sailing.
Most of my own formal sales training took place in the early 2000s. There was a lot of competition, but marketing during those years was not really that hard. The phone just seemed to ring and leads knocked at the door with what, at times, seemed like very little effort. The salesperson would go out to the home, do a little bit of measuring, take the order, and close the job at a good and profitable price. Times were good! Read More

Base CRM Final 2014 Review of Updates

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Narrowing Down My CRM Recommendations

As I write my final 2014 blog post, I wanted to bring my readers up to date on one of my favorite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs of 2014, Base CRM and why it is a strong choice if you are considering a switch in 2015. I get a bit of emails and comments from others around the world telling me that THIS CRM is better than THAT CRM or that I should try THIS CRM too. I have been using CRM software for 15 years now and have tried and tested several dozen of them to see how they work for a contracting business. The big players in the market: Zoho and Salesforce (or ImproveIt 360: owned by Salesforce) are still great programs. I normally recommend one of these programs for companies who really want a lot of custom features. You will pay through the nose but you will probably get what you want. ImproveIt 360, for example has marketed heavily to the contracting market. My only real beef with this program is that it has not kept up with the mobile devices (it is behind the times as of 2014). I know this post will get dated and CRM programs I am not endorsing will get better. I’m just trying to keep it simple for my readers and suggest a very good product that I use myself.  Read More

Using SmartSheet In Our Remodeling Business

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I have a growing number of clients using a project management program called SmartSheet the past couple of years. I stumbled upon SmartSheet awhile back myself when researching other cloud-based project management programs. I had been hooked on Basecamp for almost a decade, but it lacked some key features for my audience. For this next blog, I’ve asked my good friend and client, Barry Stohlman, to write about his experience using SmartSheet in his Design-Build firm in the DC Metro area. Read More

How Do You Motivate Your Team? An Interview with Kevin Nolan

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Exploring the Ideas of Accountability, Reward, and Response

We as human beings respond to things. 

I know. That sounds like an incredibly simplistic statement, but when you slow down and think about it, it’s also incredibly powerful. As business owners and managers, you have an opportunity to draw specific responses from your team by the way you lead, manage, delegate, and encourage. As marketers (and we are all marketers in a way!), we strive to elicit a certain response from those who read our materials, find our websites, or explore our reputations.

The trick is to find just the right key to unlock the response you’re looking for. Read More

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