Kingston Interiors: The Secret Society of Gentleman Painters

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SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND – “I want to show you something,” says Stanley Firth, staff painter at Kingston Interiors. He approaches a mahogany bookshelf in the company office and pulls out a leather-bound copy of Dickens. The shelf slides to reveal a hidden room.

Inside, the walls are lined with dozens of coveralls hanging from polished brass coat racks. Some are tweed with shrunken leather buttons. Others have golden cufflinks and monogrammed handkerchiefs. “These are our uniforms,” he says solemnly, touching an impeccably tailored set of painter’s whites.

interior gentleman painters

“Not many people know what really goes on at Kingston,” Stanley says. He glances at a glass display case arranged with regal-looking paintbrushes and wingtip work boots. “There’s an elegance to what we do.”

Known for their reputation as high-end interior painters, Kingston employs only the suavest applicants who can pass their interview with a convincing British accent.

“While other contractors slap paint onto houses, we go inside and do the finish work.” He brandishes a brush with a handle made from lacquered oak. Before leaving, Stanley dons a pair of tailored wool breeches. He pauses in the doorway and selects a black umbrella from the rack. He winks. “You never know.”

Family-Owned Painting Company Adopts New Employees

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DEERFIELD, NH – A small painting company in New England is making a big splash. They’ve been family-owned-and-operated for decades, but the demand for house painting has stretched them thin.

“Our reputation as a family-run business is real important to us. That’s the way we’ve always done things, and we’ll do what it takes to keep it that way.” Read More

Boost Your Facebook Post or Go Home

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Facebook has been a game changer in many ways on how individuals and businesses connect with others. People all over the world can stay in touch so much more easily because of Facebook’s free social media network. Facebook introduced paid advertising a number of years ago which made total sense. They had to make money somehow, right? Those ads you, normally as the second post when you are scrolling through your feed, pays Facebook the big bucks. Read More

Nail Salon Switches to Using Exterior House Paint

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ASHEVILLE, NC – The clients of Nailed It salon have always been delighted with the service they receive. However, owner and beautician Donna Tello knew there was room for improvement. Even though she used the best nail products and application techniques, the lifespan of the manicure could only be measured in weeks. “In rare cases, a client could eek a couple months out of a nail job. We knew we had to find a way to improve these results” said Tello. Read More

Can You Use a Tablet Instead of a Laptop in 2017

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Tablets have come a long way since Apple introduced the iPad in 2010. Before then, estimators in the field all had to use a hybrid tablet which were basically a full computer that allowed you to write on the screen with a tablet pen. (example: Motion Computing or Toshibas).

When the iPad and Android tablets hit the market, it forced users to get used to built-in apps only. This was a real challenge if you were trying to communicate with your MS office servers or cloud programs like Google Apps, or even to save files to cloud services like Dropbox. Read More

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