Should You Fire Your Business Coach?

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Business-ConsultingWorking Out

Note: Last November, I joined a 3-day a week intense workout program (12 weeks) at a BJJ & MMA studio called Clinch Academy. I sort of went into it thinking I’d do the 3 month challenge and go back to my old routine of light exercise when I had the time! One of the reasons I had to do something is that I was not doing much physical exercise. I was playing basketball 1-2 times a week and that was about it. It was around that time, just before I joined, that my blood pressure was quite a bit higher than normal. I was told by the doc, “You’ve got to do a bit more exercise.”

As I write this, I am finishing my 10th month at Clinch and still enjoying every class, 3 days a week. It did not take me very long to realize that for me, I had to stay at Clinch. I could not quit and go back to my old way of life. I knew that without my coach following up on how I was doing, I would not be successful. Oh, maybe for a time, but I know myself. I knew where I’d head after a few weeks. I am the type of guy who needs a coach. It has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done, and it  has helped me in more ways than just staying fit. I am more alert and focused in my business too.

Don’t Fire Your Business Coach

I did not write this to focus on my workout program. No, I am writing this because I’ve seen a lot of small businesses who started out with a coach and let them go after a short while. I have seen painting companies get to a certain point with a coaching firm and then say, “I think I can do it on my own now.” Yet when they cut the ties, it is very normal to see these companies fall back into old habits.

I think small business owners should look at a business coach almost as a business partner or ongoing advisor. You know many mid to large companies have advisory boards. These folks are very similar to business consultants and coaches. Many of them get paid on a regular basis to give ongoing feedback on how the company is doing and where it is headed. If those advisory boards were not in place, those companies would not be successful.

Let me put it this way, many of the contracting companies I work with who have a good business coach are doing very well. They have all been surviving and thriving through some of the toughest years the construction industry has faced. Not only are they making money, they are making their companies more streamlined and efficient as well.

When To Fire a Business Coach

Now, there are times that you should look at firing a business coach. In the mid 1990’s I remember my dad spent over $25k for a business consulting firm to give him a few pointers on running a successful business. I still remember the disappointment when after a few days, the consultants left his office and my dad was scratching his head wondering, “Now what do I do?” They came in, gave him some fancy paperwork and advice and left. Well, in that situation, those business consultants were definitely not acting like coaches. They did not have the best interest of my dad’s company in mind, nor did they care if it flourished.

So if your current business coach does not have your best interests in mind to see you grow, to help you meet your personal and business goals: it is time to let that person or firm go. A good business coach should really be no different than the coach I have at my gym. He is my mentor. He wants me to meet my fitness goals and maintain them.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some great business coaches over the years. It might seem expensive at times, but remember, a good coach is irreplaceable. He/She is part of your team!

How have you seen a business coach help your business? Let me know in the comments below or another social outlet!

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