Pipeline Deals CRM Integrates with Quickbooks and More

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I have been a fan of Pipeline Deals CRM for quite a few years now. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to use CRMs for small businesses, especially contractors. The majority of the painting clients I work with are using Pipeline Deals. It does not have all the features of some of the more complex programs out there such as: Salesforce, Zoho, Base, to name a few. I pretty much think that most CRMs on the market have a place. There is room for a lot of competition. So when I write about Pipeline, it does not mean it is the best CRM for a contractor. It really depends on a number of factors and what the company really wants a CRM to do! Read More

How Much Does It Cost To …

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Where I live in Maryland, most homeowners  have asphalt driveways, not concrete. I have one as well!  It starts out as a single driveway (for 1 car) and ends up at the garage accommodating two cars. For a while now, I have been thinking that I’d like to expand my driveway to fit more cars and make it easier to get in and out. But I had no idea what it would cost to do this sort of project. Is this a $3,000 project or a $10,000 project? Because this is not my line of work, I decided to go online to see what the World Wide Web had to say about it.  I asked Google: “What does it cost to repave a typical driveway?”  Read More

Marketing Mistake – Setting Aside Your Core Values

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This post was inspired by a recent email I received from a friend and reader of my blog after a recent post I wrote. I shared a video that had some valuable tips for marketing. There was, however, a problem with the video I “highly recommended” people watch. It contained a bit of profanity, and I did NOT warn my readers about it. At the very least, I should have warned people that the guy used profanity to get his message across and to watch the video at their own risk. Read More

The Problem With Raising the Minimum Wage

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This post was inspired by the most recent debates about raising the minimum wage in our country to $15 an hour. I think both liberals and conservatives, who are not as familiar with small business, might just be in favor of raising the wage. I think I know why! This is just my theory, they have (in many cases) not had the opportunity to run a small business, especially a contracting business. They also show compassion for those making very little money, and I applaud them for wanting to see people make more money and have a future! Read More

Is it Worth Upgrading to the 6s or 6s Plus This Fall

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It is never a necessity of life to upgrade to the latest and greatest smartphone on the market, even if it is as flashy and cool as the Apple iPhone. 

Yet phone carriers and Apple themselves are making it easier than ever to get consumers to upgrade to their new 6s or the 6s Plus. They are doing this by allowing everyone to just make monthly payments. So that sounds enticing, right?  Read More

4 Ways To Increase Online Reviews

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4 Ways to Increase Reviews

Getting your customers to leave their feedback on some of the major search and online directories is a great way to help increase your online exposure for potential customers. Review sites like Yelp, Google+, and Houzz typically show up very high in search results when a consumer is looking for a service company. Read More

Don’t Forget Branding in Your Community

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I sometimes see contractors who are busy getting new business using a number of different methods, which tends to cost a lot of money: Google Adwords, Home Advisors, Yelp Advertising, Angie’s List, and so forth. Some of these methods can quickly get leads in the door if you really need them. Yet the one thing that is missing from using these forms of marketing is the consistent branding of your business in the areas you want to work. Read More

Should I Buy Apple Watches for My Field Employees

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To some of you reading this post, you might think this is a no brainer. Yet, I have been asked the question, hence the blog post.

Note: I am pretty certain Apple will be releasing the 2nd generation of the Apple Watch sooner than we think. So this post might get old real quick. On the other hand, my opinion might stay the same even after the next Apple Watch release. Read More

A Good Tool for Scheduling Painting or Remodeling Projects

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Managing the scheduling of painting or remodeling projects can be a real juggling act. When I was active in my family’s painting business, the schedule seemed to adjust and change daily. Sometimes, the headaches happened when a crew called last minute and said they were not finished on a Friday and needed 2 more hours on Monday morning to finish up, and they did not call their next project to let them know they would not be there Monday morning. Without the right technology, a home improvement schedule can be one of the most painful parts of running a business. Read More

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