Why is a Customer Relationship Management Tool Necessary for my Painting Company?

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It is absolutely crucial for every painting company to use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. If you want to grow your business, increase revenue, and build valuable customer relationships, you need to start using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Painting companies who do not use a CRM to it’s full capacity can really struggle, should the economy turn. Another major benefit is if you keep very good records of your prospects, leads and customers, your business will be sellable and worth more than a company that does not keep good records. By taking advantage of key features in a good CRM, I guarantee your painting company will successfully grow business. Read More

Popular CRM Options for Contractors

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It is time for another update of popular cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) programs that have continued to be popular for the contracting market. There are literally hundreds of options out there. I will list them in no particular order except the first 5 or 6 I’ve had more experience in testing or using. If you are a contractor (home improvement business) and would like to add your favorite CRM to the list, please do so in the comment section. Read More

Pipeline Deals CRM Essential Update

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Most of my painting clients settled on Pipeline Deals CRM several years back. It is a simple CRM that just works. This short post is mainly for those already using Pipeline Deals or for a few of you looking for an easy to use cloud CRM.

When you login to Pipeline Deals you will go to the home screen which is a dashboard. The dashboard had a lot of different items to update you on such as upcoming agenda items, task, sales update and so forth. To be honest, the dashboard was not something I used much or had users telling me they found much value. Read More

Fall and Winter Planning Begins Now

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I was just telling my wife yesterday that I wish the month of July would standstill for a little while longer. Now that it is August means that school starts in just a few weeks for many of our kids. August is also the month when many Americans make a last minute ditch for vacation and put home improvement on the backburner.

So how can painters, builders and other home improvement trades use their time wisely in the month of August? You got it: Start the fall and winter marketing planning now.  Read More

When Trying To Connect On LinkedIn, Don’t Do This…

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Dear LinkedIn Connection,

I received your request to connect with me here on LinkedIn. I normally review each request before approving the connection. My first few years on LinkedIn, I thought it was best practice to connect with as many people as possible. It seemed as though the aggressive LinkedIn users were doing the same thing. Why not follow “best practices”, eh? Perhaps that was an okay technique early on. It at least made my profile look more impressive! Read More

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