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In 2009, I was first introduced to Setster, an easy to use Online Booking Program. Before I came across Setster, a number of my clients were using a scheduling program on their website that did not link to their existing Outlook or Google calendars. It was very time consuming and required a lot of manual entry. That program served its purpose, but the need for a more automated booking software was needed. I tried out almost all the booking programs such as: BookingBug, Bookfresh, YouCanBook.Me, ScheduleOnce, Schedulicity, Appointy, and more. I was looking for an easy to use cloud-based scheduling program that worked well with one’s existing calendar. I’m a big fan of Google Apps, so I also preferred a program that worked well with Google. All in all, there are many good scheduling programs on the market. Bookfresh & are still used by a number of my customers, and the programs are working just fine. I stopped recommending Bookfresh because of their lack of customer support and endorsed YouCanBook.Me for being the best at working with Google and had great support as well. Back in 2009-2010, Setster was also a product that I liked and recommended. My only concern with giving it two thumbs up back then was their Google integration was not quite where I wanted it to be. Yet, the program worked and customers I knew using it were happy with Setster. I have stayed connected with the Setster company, and I recently received an update that Setster now has a full two way sync with Google Calendar and supports other popular calendars. They are currently working on more mobile features, which I’ll post that update when they are available. In the meantime, here is a brief overview of Setster.

Setster Overview

Setster Logo Here are some of the screenshots of Setster and some of the key features that make it an affordable options for small, medium and even large companies. Also, Setster has allowed their booking program to be fully customized. What this means is if you have an advanced web development team at your company, you can make Setster work just about anyway you’d like. This not only includes color and brand changes but also more customization to how the calendar and booking program works.

Location or Service Bookings

Customers on your website can book an appointment at a specific location (Dentist, Color Help, Massage, Hair Appointment, Auto Repair, etc) or a service (at their home: painting, plumbing, electrical, etc). Book-by-location-or-service-Setster

Easy To Use By Customers

Selecting a date and time for an appointment is very simple. Setster walks a customer through the process in a few simple steps.



Customizing & Making Changes by Admin

Ask whatever questions you want on your form or allow customers to select which estimator, technician or consultant he/she wishes to meet with (you can have multiple schedules). You can integrate one or multiple Google calendars into Setster. You also have the liberty/flexibility to setup how much time (padding) you wish to have between appointments, travel time, lunch breaks, and times in the week you don’t want to schedule. Custom-Booking-Forms-Setster


Setster’s pricing remains competitive with other top scheduling programs on the market. For a small business with a couple of sales members, you’d be looking at spending around $24 a month. If you had several locations, a slightly larger sales team, the cost would start at $32 a month. To me…the prices are very reasonable and definitely saves administrative time. To learn more about Setster and their pricing, go to their website and try a 15 day trial. Let me know what you think of it too. If you are wondering if you should consider a scheduling program on your website, shoot me an email. We can talk about the pros and cons. I do not recommend it for everyone. I have clients who have tried Setster, and others and decided to remove the features and just have people call or email them to book an appointment. However, I do see many positive reasons on how Setster can be a very time saving and professional tool your customers will come to love and appreciate.

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  • Kevin says:

    Thanks for the honest and informative review, David.

    Our outstanding support team and myself are always available to answer any questions, or thumb-through potential customer use-cases, anytime.

    best wishes,
    Kevin Fink, Managing Director

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