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If you have never heard of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, you don’t know what you are missing. When you are done reading this blog entry, make sure you put it on your to-do list to research the nearest restaurant and take the family out.

Red Robin has a unique Brand. They has done something that many companies have not! They wrote down their core values and made it their brand identity. They’ve made their core values the life blood of their organization. In fact, you when you visit a Red Robin restaurant, the core values are embroidered on the sleeves of each employee’s uniform. The core values are: Honor, Integrity, Continually Seeking Knowledge and Having Fun. Most companies have a mission statement and many even have core values. But, do they practice these values and let each customer experience the difference? Red Robin does. Two specific ways Red Robin makes their brand engrained in the minds of their customers is by having very friendly staff members (Having Fun) and something they call Unbridled Act® (Integrity/Honor). The Unbridled Act® is a program they’ve developed where they practice random acts of kindness to their customers and the community. Everyone working at Red Robin knows and understand the company core values and practices them on and off hours!

When I first heard about the unique brand and core values of Red Robin, I decided to take some friends out and experience Red Robin for myself. I visited one of the San Diego locations. After the meal was over and I was looking over my final bill, I noticed the server accidentally charged me for an extra beverage. I did not want to make a big deal but thought I should let him know. The next thing I know, a manager came to my table, apologized for the mistake and gave me two free meals the next time I came to Red Robin. I was blown away! I came back with my wife a few months later and used the “free meal” coupons. That too was an amazing experience. It is a little uncomfortable for me to eat out for free, but Red Robin did not make me feel this way. They basically said, “Order anything you’d like…anything…even dessert. It is on us!” I’ve never forgotten my experience.

One final thing, not just anyone can work at Red Robin. They run a tight ship. They are looking for fun people! Their hiring experience is one of the best I’ve ever heard of. Instead of me telling you about it here, ask one of the servers what it was like to go through the hiring process.

The brand of Red Robin is very noticeable to customers whether or not they’ve seen the core values on the uniforms. When people think of Red Robin, I’m sure they all have the same conclusions, “Good Food. Amazing Service. Unlimited Refills on Fries & Most Drinks (bottomless). Just a Fun Place to Eat Out!

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