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8 Months ago, I was pretty content with the way calendars, contacts & emails from Google were syncing with my iDevices. I used Google Apps for Business and Apple hardware. When Google decided to stop supporting Microsoft Exchange on Apple devices (read an old post here) it made it a bit more buggy for many of my customers who were upgrading devices or buying new ones for employees. So there are ways to get Google Apps to work on the iPhones and iPads, but I’m finding that there are some pretty cools Apps that I’m using now that work just the same if not better.

Best Google Calendar App for iOS

The one I want to focus on today is for syncing iOS or Google Calendars. The company is called Readdle. They had made a very slick and easy to use Google Calendar app that synced beautifully with Google. Even the Google Calendar colors were in sync. Today they released a fully new design and major upgrade called Readdle 5. You can watch the video on the website which will explain it better than I can in this post.


I downloaded the upgrade ($4.99) and have been testing it out today. It is fabulous. Because of the latest features, I am not able to stop using another app (saving me time): iOS Reminders. Instead, Apple Reminders is automatically in perfect sync with my Calendar App: it is built in. So when I make a reminder in my calendar app, it syncs to my Apple Reminders. The benefit here is if I’m at my desktop, I’ll still get notified on my iMac of reminders that are due. I can make a reminder on the iMac…and it will sync to the Readdle App.

Perfect Calendar App for Your Field Employees

Besides the beautiful design and ease of use, the new calendar app is a piece of cake to install. You just download it from the App Store here. Once you are done you click on Google Calendar, type in your username and password: done. Then there are more customized features if you want in the settings. It has almost the same settings as Google Calendar. I don’t think Apple will allow google to build a native downloadable app for their devices, so this is the closest thing you’ll ever see anytime soon.

Your field employees will like this App because they can also invite people to events, manage their calendar and task in one app and not have to worry about any technical setup issues. Have them download the app and then look at a great communication app called VOXER. But I’ll leave that for another blog post.


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  • Barry says:

    Thanks for the advice. I love this calendar. Question for you… It seems the apple reminder and the readdle calendar are not a two way synch. Just one way. For exams if I post a task from my iPhone to the readdle calendar I don’t see it on my iMac in apple reminders. Can it be set for two way synch or should I just use apple reminders to set tasks.

  • David Chism says:


    Bad news, I think what you are describing is a BUG. I’ve submitted it to the company. Once I hear back, I’ll let you know. It should be a two way sync. I tested it out and got it to do a two way sync. But I had to open my Reminders app on my phone first…then my iMac synced to the iphone…then to Calendars. So Reminders had to be open. Very strange. So it is working, but it should not be complicated. I think ideally we should not have to use the Reminders app on the phone if Calendar 5 worked perfectly. Anyways…it works…just needs some tweaking, and this is version 1 released yesterday.

  • Barry says:

    Well, I figured out part of the problem. The Reminders App on my iMac had several different folders that I had created. And the Calendars 5 only syncs to the “Inbox” folder on the Reminders App.
    My solution was to eliminate all the other folders. Its always my temptation to “organize” but in this case I think I just “complicate”.
    As they say….KISS!

    The two way sync seems to work now.

    Thanks again!

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