Should I Upgrade to the iPhone 5s or 5c

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I was asked yesterday by a client if he should get his wife the iPhone 5s or save a $100 and go with the iPhone 5. His wife currently has an iPhone 4S, which I believe needs to be replaced.

Ultimately the answer is quite simple on one hand: it doesn’t really matter. Apple creates a fantastic device, and all their models get the job done. On the other hand, that is not why you are reading this post. You too are curious about which one to get, right? Is there really a big difference between the two devices? 

The iPhone 5 Will Be Discontinued

First off, based on what I’ve read, the iPhone 5 will not be continuing to fill the shelves and be a device you can purchase in the near future. It has been fully replaced by the new iPhone 5c, which is the less expensive “5” model. The C model basically doesn’t come wrapped in the pretty aluminum metal but rather a colorful “special” hard plastic shell (5 colors to choose from). Besides the body, it basically is the same as the iPhone 5, released in 2012. It also starts at $99.

Apple will then release the 4S model for the “free” option to those who sign a two year service agreement with a mobile carrier.

My Advice?


Since the iPhone 5 will not be available, I’d upgrade to the 5s model starting at $199 because I like the medal phones more than plastic. Also, if the new fingerprint scanner really works well, it will be a major time saver for people who use their phone often, like me. I have to type in my password manually countless times each week for different purposes. So to just use my fingerprint would save me a few seconds, which over the course of a year…might even be a full hour or two of less typing! I’m ready for that!

I also like the new camera features. The iPhone 5 had a purple glare problem in bright lit areas. It was very frustrating. I’m hopeful that has been fixed with the 5c and 5s models.

The 5c just didn’t interest me personally. I’d almost rather get an Android. ALMOST! I won’t. But for everyone else who wants the Apple experience and wants to save $100, the iPhone 5c will be a beautiful and great choice for a business phone. There are so many stable Apps that can help keep you more productive and organized.

Let me know what you decide to purchase and why. Oh, and I’ve been using iOS 7 for a couple of months, the latest operating system that will be released on the 20th of September, and it is well worth the upgrade. You’ll love it.

MOBILE DEVICE WARNING: This blog was typed with my thumbs. Please excuse any tepos!

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