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Should I Post My Prices On My Site?

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Pricing on My Site

Since I started my marketing business in 2009, I posted my general prices on my website. Four years later, I’ve not regretted that decision once.

  1. It keeps the tire kickers away who are not serious. 
  2. It might educate a few others looking to do the same thing I’m doing and how they should charge. Fine with me! 
  3. A business owner may want to do some research on someone he is looking at hiring and see if the quote he/she received is reasonable. You never know if they’ll ask me for a quote too!
  4. Or for those who are serious in working with me, they know I have nothing to hide. I talk about the cost with prospects right from the beginning. Those who know me know that I’m an open book. 

Pricing On Your Site

So should you post prices on your site? In most cases, I’d say yes: even if the prices are just ideas or approximate numbers. For example, I know it would be hard for a remodeler to say, “Remodeling a kitchen cost $50,000-60,000. When in reality, a kitchen could cost $100k or more for some homeowners and less than $50k for less features for other homeowners. Or one can go to Lowes and do the kitchen as a DIY project for less than $15k. However, to build trust and credibility, a remodeling contractor could give approximate cost for a renovation project based on certain types of projects using pictures and case studies. So if a homeowner sees a project a contractor completed and loves it, he or she would know it cost $90k+ range. You get the idea.

You really have nothing to lose by posting your prices on your website. Your competitors are not doing it, and who cares if they see your prices anyways. If you are the company that is not afraid to post your prices, you will be looked at as more trustworthy and honest. You also don’t need to be cheap to post the potential cost of services.

Take a look at this blog title from this well known pool company in Northern Virginia, River Pools: “How Much do Above Ground and Inground Swimming Pools Cost? This blog, among others, has worked very well for this company in generating leads and new business (over $1.7 million on just one post).

Ready to Get Started

The more open and honest you can be about your company, your service, your process, your pricing, your team etc the better chance you will have at closing jobs and avoid the competitive bloody ocean battle over prices.

I know some of you contractors out there have already done this. Let me know how it is working for you in the comments below.

6 Years Later, The Shocking Truth of Blogging Has Not Changed

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6 Years Later, The Short Story Version

I started my first painting blog for my dad’s paint company in May of 2006. We’ve dabbled with a little SEO work in the past, but the thing that has kept him at the top of search engines in America’s finest city, San Diego, was good ‘ol blogging. In six years of writing blogs, it still works. My dad’s company spends next to nothing on consistent blog writing. The fruit of those labors have only produced more traffic, more leads and lots of copy cats! Hey, can’t be upset about people wanting to copy you, as the saying goes, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” My dad’s Painter For a Day program also spread to hundreds of painters across the country. How did people find out about it? Blogging and the web!

Google Still Likes Blogs

Google is changing their search criteria again soon. They will actively and aggressively be filtering websites that try too hard to be ranked well. Instead, they will be looking for sites that provide quality and helpful information to their audience. So forget about keyword stuffing and just write, and write blogs your customers will want to read. Don’t worry about not getting lots of comments and subscriptions. Focus on quality content and you will see your website traffic increase.

If Nothing Else, Read This Article

So for the past few years, I’ve been on a soap box telling contractors they must be writing consistent and quality blog post. Instead of me continuing this message, I’ll turn it over to my friends at SocialTract who explain the benefits of “Content Marketing” using blogs. Take a moment and read their latest blog: “How Consistent Blogging Can Grow Your HVAC Business.” The takeaway is simple, remove the words “HVAC” and insert your business “Painting” “Remodeling” etc.

If you need help writing consistent blogging, let me know. I’ll point you in the right direction.

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