Why I Recommend Basecamp Over CompanyCam for Project Photos

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I wrote about CompanyCam in more detail in the post: Is CompanyCam Good For Painters a few months back. In short, CompanyCam is a simple app used to take photos of projects, collaborate about the photos and have one place where all your photos can be stored and organized by job name. It is very easy to use. One of the key features of CompanyCam is how it helps to geo-target the location of the project. You can read more about that in my product review.

I had a number of my clients begin using CompanyCam in 2017. It fulfilled a need at the time and still does for many of them. It is an easy way to take project photos and talk about them as a team. The painters in the field caught on quick and started marking up the photos, documenting their job progress and so forth. It provided more checks and balances having a simple, easy to use project photo app. This is one of the key reasons a painting company should have a process for taking photos besides just for marketing purposes. You never know when a problem might surface. This is where CompanyCam or any quality photo app can shine. You want to be able to have every photo timestamped and if possible, geolocated.

I’m writing this post for those who are already using Basecamp 3 and CompanyCam as two separate programs or for those who are still trying to figure out what is best for taking job photos.

CompanyCam is an incredible photo app. You won’t be disappointed.

In saying that, I have a couple key reasons why I would suggest choosing Basecamp 3 as your go-to app over CompanyCam for taking photos of your projects.

  1. Basecamp is far less expensive.  Basecamp 3 is only $99 a month for unlimited employees. It works well on a desktop computer, Android, and iPhone mobile devices. CompanyCam is currently $12 per user. If you have 10 painters using the App, it is $120 a month.  
  2. Timestamp, History & User: When you upload a picture or file within Basecamp, it will automatically timestamp the image, provide a history of changes and who posted it. The only thing it does not do like CompanyCam, is provide the exact location (geo-map). Here is a hint for iPhone users though: Every photo you take (if the setting is on, is Mapped. You can click on a photo within the Photo App, swipe down and see the location of the photo of when/where you took it (See example))  
  3. One Less App To Use and Learn: Let’s face it, with the growing amount of gadgets and apps on the market, less is still better. Even though CompanyCam does one thing very well, Basecamp does a lot more and has many of the same features as CompanyCam. That is why I think it is a better use of your company’s time and resources to use fewer apps. Basecamp is getting more mobile friendly as well. I am a beta tester of the app and happen to be one of the top mobile users of Basecamp. I am just as productive using Basecamp remotely as I am on a desktop.
  4. Collaboration is Easier: Piggybacking on the 3rd reason, Basecamp 3 is an internal communications program that has, easy to use, task and project management built into it. 3 years ago, I could see painters using Email, Texting or Yammer, Basecamp 2 (older version) and CompanyCam to communicate and run projects. Now you can do all of that by using Basecamp 3. Basecamp allows you to stay in touch with your entire team and stay organized. You will have all communication, including your photos, in one place. So if a customer ever raises an issue, you can review your Basecamp communication and photos (by date, by user, etc.) and get to the bottom of it quickly.

Note: I am not going into all the features of Basecamp in this post. I have written more about that in this post: Basecamp 3 for Communicating with Your Team. This is just to answer the questions I received from one of my clients this month. Yes, I had a client ask me if they could use Basecamp instead of CompanyCam. Their field employees voted on it and said Basecamp was easier and the preferred the App for photos! So I did some testing and research for this painting company just to make sure I was right! Heck, and it will save them several hundred a month as well.


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