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LinkedIn is a powerhouse for B2B connections. It is owned by Microsoft and is showing signs of growing stronger in the market.

I want you all reading this to do two things on your LinkedIn profile to help make you look more professional in your industry. These are best practices. There is a lot to learn about LinkedIn. I wanted to keep this short and make it easy for you all to commit to these two things.

Update Your Profile Picture

If you do not have a profile picture, you need one. It is a must if you plan to use LinkedIn now or in the future. Many companies or individuals will skip over your profile if you do not have a headshot picture.

Yet if you are going to upload a profile picture, make sure it is a good one. Do not find a picture of you next to a group of people and then try to crop your head into the photo. Get a professional photo taken or at the very least, get a decent, non-blurry shot of your face! If you ever attend a LinkedIn 101 webinar, the presenter will probably tell you to do this first!

Update your Tagline Of What You Do*

When you are done uploading a new profile picture, now it is time to think of 1 sentence that describes what you do at your company. This is really your personal selling point (not to be mistaken for your business’s unique selling point). A lot of people will use this section to stuff keywords in here like: “Marketer, SEO, Paid Search Wizard, Powerhouse Lead Machine” or just plain and simple, “Painter, Sales Professional, Estimator, Curling Pro” — you get the idea. I rewrote mine awhile back to read, “I help a select group of painting contractors make wise marketing decisions and assist in the execution of those plans.” If you happen to be the best selling author of a book(s), you can use that area to express that in the profile too. This is your quick space to tell someone who you are and why one might want to connect or read more about you.  It is the space below this section where you can go into more specifics and detail.


Do those two things to make your LinkedIn profile a lot more engaging and professional.

Now before we go, let me give you 1 bonus tip.

As I just mentioned, the section just under your picture and what you do is where you can go into greater detail on what you do at your company and how you help your customers. This should be written 100% with your prospect in mind. If you are looking for a job, this does not apply to you. You can change it with your strengths and why you might be a good fit for a particular company. If you are currently employed, this space should be all about your current company. You can take a look at how I wrote mine. It is long and detailed. Here is my LinkedIn Profile.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for reading.

*Some LinkedIn experts will tell you that instead of writing a sentence on what you do (like I mentioned above) you can also use keywords that might help local search. You can try both ideas and see what works best. I think this could help more for people trying to find someone to hire. So if I was a commercial banker, I might use that in the sentence, “Commercial Banker.” 

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