6 Easy Steps to Blog for Quality Leads

Posted by | Mon, Jan 17, 2011

Want­ed to intro­duce to you a friend of mine who is a mar­ket­ing coach and is also run­ning a paint­ing com­pa­ny in South­west Flori­da: Steve Burn­nett. He will be writ­ing a few blogs for me on my site now and then. Wel­come, Steve. and Here is his first article:
You may not be a writer” by trade, but if you take just 10 min­utes and use these 6 easy steps, you will soon find that week­ly blog­ging may become one of your top 3 lead generators.
In Octo­ber of 2009, (one of our slow­est months in SW Flori­da) we had one of our biggest months and every job we paint­ed was a closed lead from blog­ging! Here’s how you can do it, too.
Step 1. Length
Your blog should be 200 to 400 and no more than 500 words. Blogs are meant to be brief and not a book. If you are on a roll with great infor­ma­tion or a great sto­ry, great! Cut your blog in two or three or more sec­tions and post it as a series which will draw inter­est to watch for the next one in the series. Bonus: Adding a pic­ture is a great idea, as well. As they say, A pic­ture’s worth a thou­sand words.” Even a fun­ny pic­ture about your sto­ry will draw interest. 
Step 2. What to write about.
When writ­ing, you should con­sid­er being of val­ue first. We all have enough infor­ma­tion about how fan­tas­tic we are and why we are there best option all over our web site along with tes­ti­mo­ni­als and pic­tures of beau­ti­ful homes. 
To be of val­ue in our blogs, we offer how to’ tips or very inter­est­ing infor­ma­tion: how to paint a pop­corn ceil­ing, how to cut in a wall, how to paint a six pan­el door. While this all sounds redun­dant to us, it it great infor­ma­tion for our prospect. 
Give all the details away! Once the prospect, even a DIY’er (Do It Your­self-er), sees all the steps involved, they will imme­di­ate­ly see you as the expert with­out you ever say­ing so and the DIY’er is now hav­ing sec­ond thoughts about attempt­ing the project and con­tacts you!
Step 3. Sto­ry Teller
Share sto­ries about some of your expe­ri­ences. Sto­ries are cap­ti­vat­ing. Plain infor­ma­tion with­out a sto­ry, is not. Tell a sto­ry- not where you came in and saved the day- but to reveal that you are human and share about some chal­lenges you faced with a cer­tain process, prod­uct, or appli­ca­tion technique. 
Your point of this blog is to save them the chance of fac­ing the same challenge.
Step 4. Title
Your title is very impor­tant. It must be very catchy and con­cise. In 3 to 7 words, you must hook them so they want to take a few min­utes to actu­al­ly read. Also, and very impor­tant, is to include your city or a sur­round­ing city and your niche in some of the titles- espe­cial­ly in the con­tent. You can’t do this to every title as it will be obvi­ous. This is done for SEO. (Search Engine Opti­miza­tion- which tells where to put your blog in the Google search list­ing, begin­ning or end!) Each blog can show up as an indi­vid­ual list­ing on the search pages. 
Prospects are most like­ly to find you by enter­ing your city” and niche” into the search engine: Google search: Chica­go Paint­ing Con­trac­tor. There­fore, some exam­ples of titles could be: Pick­ing the Best Col­or for Your Chica­go Home”, or Paint­ing a Pop­corn Ceil­ing in Seat­tle”, or Sara­so­ta House Paint­ing Tools”.
Step 5. Content
Short and sweet: pep­per your blog with the name of your or your city and your niche (paint­ing).
Step 6. The most impor­tant step!
The biggest key for us in using a blog for lead gen­er­a­tion, was when I bought up the domain names of the cities in my area. For exam­ple, I live in North Port, so I bought: north​port​paint​ing​.com, pun​tagor​da​paint​ing​.com, and veni​ce​paint​ing​.com. Now some of these domains go straight to my main paint­ing web­site. One of them, how­ev­er, ‑venicepainting.com- has it’s own web­site as our tar­get mar­ket for that year was Venice. 
Buy­ing these domain names and host­ing them to your web­site, brings you right to the first page of the search, if not at the top, as well as on Google Local (shows up on Google search w/​a map). For a while, when I searched Venice FL paint­ing con­trac­tor”, we showed up 7 times on the first page with 2 of them being on Google Local, with a map.
So, the 6 easy steps to blog for qual­i­ty leads are:
1. keep­ing your blog form 200 to 400 words
2. when writ­ing, give value
3. tell stories
4. Hook them with your title and include your city” and niche”
5. Pep­per your blog with city” and niche”
6. (Most impor­tant) Buy up all the domain names of your sur­round­ing cities + niche.
Do this and you will be sit­ting well on Google, my friend.
Much suc­cess,

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