6 Tips for Making the Most of Your Trade Show Season | A David Creation

Trade shows are a tried-and-true tactic for showcasing what your business can do. There’s also just no substitute for meeting with prospects in person, chatting about their goals, your services, and forging strong connections. You may even be booking appointments right on the spot!

With all that in mind, and all the noise humming around you, you have to capture people’s attention and make yourself memorable. Displaying your booth in the most effective and attractive way is key, attracting customers like a fly to a zapper, minus the zapping… 

Here are some key tips from The Print Guru himself!

#1: Booth Size and Location

Definitely check out the layouts for every show you participate in.  There’s premium spots that will give you the best foot traffic in front of your booth area, like entrances, major displays, and yes… even bathrooms! For the size of the booth, make sure it’s a comfortable size for people to come in and interact with your display. 

#2: Backdrop

There are SO many styles of backdrops available. 

From different dimensions to interesting shapes, there’s definitely a backdrop out there for your booth. Our recommendation is something lightweight, easy to transport, and simple to set up. The EuroFit, for example, is an exceptional line that we carry. 

#3: Table Dressings

A long time ago, the only real option you had for a table throw was a one-color cloth with a one or two color application on the front for your logo. With today’s technology, a full color, full wrap table cover is both beautiful and affordable. And the best part is you can design it to complement your backdrop design.

#4: Pop-Up Banners

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Next to backdrops, pop-up banners are the next biggest communication tool in your toolkit. Normally you place 1-2 pop-up banners in front of the booth with a catchy phrase or a small list of services. Again, pop-ups should be designed to fit the overall style and aesthetic of your booth. 

#5: Lighting

Lighting is one thing that most people forget, yet it’s an essential part of successfully showcasing your booth items. If you do cabinet refinishing, for example, and are displaying different stains, a spotlight on a display will emphasize that area. 

#6: Handouts and Promo Items

No booth is complete without promotional items and handouts. Think bigger than pens with unique, industry-specific items – something that will stick around with your potential customer for a while. Flashlights, business-card-sized tools, chip clips, etc…

Bonus Tip:

Technology can be a great addition too! A tv with time lapse videos of your product or service installations can be awesome. Keeping a tablet handy with booking software is essential too. Don’t just write down contact info – book appointments ON THE SPOT with programs like YouCanBookMe.

Make trade shows work for you! The right tools and strategy can make all the difference.

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