A Faster Way to Share Photos on iPhone with Staff

Posted by David Chism | Fri, Oct 4, 2013

 A Faster Way to Share Photos on iPhone with Staff
How do you share pho­tos with your staff now on your iPhone? Have you tried all the ways I have in the past: Drop­box, iMes­sage, Ever­note, Base­camp, Email, & Text them? Any one of those pro­grams work. How­ev­er, the less techie peo­ple some­times have a hard time fig­ur­ing out which pro­gram to use and the fastest way to get pho­tos to the right per­son. So I’m going to add one more way to share pho­tos using your iPhone that I feel might just be the eas­i­est and fastest way!

Shared Streams

The new iOS 7 has been com­plete­ly redesigned. Apple has made it eas­i­er to take pho­tos, view, edit and share pho­tos right with­in the Pho­to App. They’ve giv­en you sev­er­al ways to share 1 or mul­ti­ple pho­tos. You just tap the select but­ton when you are in the Pho­to app. Then you select the pho­tos you want to share fol­lowed by tap­ping the up arrow” icon. You’ll have your stan­dard ways to share: Text, iMes­sage, Email, Flickr etc. The way I find that might be the eas­i­est is by cre­at­ing a New Shared Stream.” You will see this option if you tap on shared”(down at the bot­tom of the app) with­in the Pho­to App. Once you name the Shared Stream, you’ll be prompt­ed to add what­ev­er pho­tos you want to that stream. Then you can select peo­ple who need to view the pho­tos. A notice will be sent to the peo­ple you shared the pho­tos with. Once they accept your invi­ta­tion, the pho­tos will show up on their device.

Like, Share, Col­lab­o­rate & Download

Once you try to cre­ate your own Shared Stream, you will see how fast and easy it is to do. The peo­ple who have access to the pic­tures can view, share, com­ment & down­load the pic­tures they want from a mobile device or desk­top ver­sion. It is a nice alter­na­tive to using yet anoth­er 3rd par­ty app. Let me know what you think. HERE AREFEW SCREEN­SHOTS SCREENSHOT-PHOTO-SHAREING-IOS7-01 SCREENSHOT-PHOTO-SHAREING-IOS7-02 SCREENSHOT-PHOTO-SHAREING-IOS7-03 SCREENSHOT-PHOTO-SHAREING-IOS7-04

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