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David Chism


Fine coffee. Craft beer. Jiu-Jitsu and now in the Crossfit cult! Long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain… Okay, maybe not the last one, but definitely the first three. When David isn’t hard at work, he loves pursuing his other interests, carving out time to relax, refresh, and refocus.

As a dad of 7 kids, relaxing and refreshing also takes the form of fun family adventures and day trips (living so close to DC creates some amazing opportunities). Work and exploration also go hand-in-hand, giving David the chance to soak up new places and sights as he visits with clients around the country. This love of travel, paired with a passion for serving in his church, has drawn David to help with missions as well, both locally and abroad. He has seized several opportunities to meet critical needs with mission teams in South America.

Don’t let his custom Zoom background fool you. David is a man on the move, always enjoying fresh spots to think, work, and get inspired.

Atalaya Lenke

Chief Operating Officer

Atalaya loves building things, and actually spent many years building homes before becoming an Assistant Project Manager for a general contractor. She also built a family, and has 3 wonderful kids who keep her busy! All of her skill and industry insight has made her an invaluable part of our team, working closely with David to keep the ADC office running smoothly and efficiently.

When she’s enjoying some well-deserved downtime, Atalaya loves bottling wine at local wineries, bar hopping on kayaks, snowboarding, or just leisurely tubing down a river. If money was no option, she’d build a tiny house community with free veggies and fruit gardens. How cool is that?

Tiffany Marsh

Responder Manager

Tiffany Marsh is a hard working homeschool mom with 3 awesome kids. Passionate about helping people and making them laugh, she uses these skills to be an efficient and genuine Responder, and has been an invaluable member of our team.

She resides in New England (the fall foliage makes the cold weather worthwhile), drinks way too much coffee (she homeschools 3 kids, so she gets a free pass), loves her husband, hiking with her family, sometimes running, and Mexican food. Just in case she’s not busy enough, she also enjoys running her Etsy shop, designing invitations and creating memorable keepsakes for her valued customers!

no more guesswork

We specialize in proven plans and ideas, based on deep industry experience. This is what we do, and we know how to help.

Throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks?

Dreading the slower seasons and craving stable growth?

No time for marketing while you’re running your business?

Curious to know what other industry pros are doing around the country?

focus on the big picture, and we’ll orchestrate the team

We’ve been called marketing quarterbacks, and we’ve also been called orchestra conductors. There may not seem to be an immediate connection, but think of it this way: we step in, catch your vision and goals, then orchestrate the details (or run the plays). Every part and player is important, coming together into a unified whole working toward a specific goal.

Best of all? You’ll be fully in the loop, but not tangled up in the details. This ensures that you can focus on the big picture, your day-to-day operations, and business growth.

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Develop a clear marketing strategy that works

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detailed reports to keep you up-to-date
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Stay ahead of competitors

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Access to key vendor services

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“Chism is and was the consummate professional. His knowledge in the field of painting amazed me.”

Michael Hartman - Owner of Weston Interiors, San Diego, CA

“David has great ideas on how to market a company. He’s creative at coming up with good solutions while keeping within budget. He keeps tabs at every stage of the process and communicates well. I highly recommend working with David.”

David Guy - Pioneer Design

“Working with David has truly been a revelation for our company. For 15+ years I managed the marketing myself, and from the moment David and his team took over everything fell into place.”

Anthony Maucieri - President, East Hill Cabinetry, Westchester NY & Norwalk CT

“We have been working with David and his team for 9+ years now. My overall satisfaction of his and his team's work has only increased over the years. Even during the worst of the pandemic his marketing skill, knowledge and advice brought tremendous results. I can't see Williams Professional Painting without A David Creation as a vital piece of our company and future success.”

Dave Williams - President of Williams Professional Painting, Alexandria, VA

“David, is a great speaker and is detailed in everything he does. His websites are some of the best around, and he is very respected in the industry.”

Pete Wirtz Pete Wirtz - President of Pete The Painter, Chicago, IL

“David is super bright and creative. He is easy to work with and brings a lot of value to any project he is involved in.”

Kevin Nolan Kevin Nolan - President of Nolan Painting, Philadelphia, PA

“My experience with ADC was the most engaged, comprehensive and knowledgeable one I've ever had with a marketing team! These guys know their stuff!”

Kersteen Anderson - President, DFAF, Inc. Painting and Decorating

“A David Creation has helped us tremendously over the years of working with them​.​ ​Our marketing return has been substantial...”

Sean Kennedy - CEO, Kennedy Painting, St. Louis, MO

“I have had the pleasure of working with David and his A David Creation team for over 10 years. The most important thing about David is that he is honest and trustworthy. I've worked with many people over the years, and it's a challenge finding people who you can trust. So when you find someone who you can trust to handle your marketing like they would for their own business, you keep them around!”

Paul Viggiano Paul Viggiano - VP of Sales & Marketing, A.G. Williams Painting, Westchester County, NY

“I have known David for years first as a client when he was Sales and Marketing Director at Chism Brothers Painting and now as a consultant with whom I collaborate in working with business owners in the Painting industry. David is a person of high integrity as well as experienced in sales, marketing, estimating and technical solutions for painting contractors. Business owners that I know who have worked with David have been happy with their experience.”

Linnea Blair Linnea Blair - Advisors on Target

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