ADC Responders: Addressing a Major Need in Facebook Marketing for Contractors

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FB marketing for contractors

We hear this question all the time, and it’s 100% valid: is Facebook really any good for lead generation, or is it just a branding tool? 

Let’s answer that question with another question: if we know that literally billions of people are on Facebook, and hundreds of thousands are living right around you and in your service areas, how could Facebook NOT be a lead generation tool?

Here’s the real question: how do you find, connect with, and convert people on Facebook? 

A major part certainly has to do with defining and targeting your audience effectively, but we’ll focus more on that another time. We’ve learned over the years (and over the last year in particular) that the key to really making Facebook work is fast, friendly engagement, and booking appointments with prospects immediately. Lengthier sales funnels are a longer-term strategy – Facebook marketing requires instant action when it comes to the sales and services of contractors like you.

Quick Case Study: Meet Susan

Susan is 55 years old, lives in San Diego with her semi-retired husband, and is interested in updating her kitchen but doesn’t have $30,000 lying around to sink into a full remodel. 

One day, while puttering on Facebook, she sees an ad from a local painting company showcasing a freshly-painted kitchen. She pauses, taps on a photo, and scrolls through the carousel of before/after shots. The text in the ad mentions that it’s a cost-effective way to update a kitchen, and she recognizes the town that the work was done in. It seems local, legit, and friendly. 

She types a comment: “How much does cabinet painting like this cost?”

She scrolls on, only to be surprised that she gets a reply to her comment about 15 seconds later: “Hey Susan! Awesome question. I’ll send you a message with some more info.” Seconds later she’s chatting with someone, a REAL person, who is engaging with her. Moments later, her appointment for a free estimate is booked, complete with a confirmation email and contact info. 


Filling the Gap with Instant Facebook Messenger Marketing

ADC Responders is a team of professional, dedicated responders that we have developed over the last 6 months. They watch Facebook promotions during peak hours so you don’t have to, fielding comments, weeding out tire kickers, and promoting your services with a script that you’ve reviewed and approved. 

With a simple scheduling software that’s been synced to your estimators’ calendar, we can then book appointments right on the spot. And yes, we factor in drive times, location, service areas, etc. 

The results have been exciting to see! Rather than just casting a wide net and hoping for ROI, we’re seeing direct results from consistent, quality, focused marketing efforts. And, for roofers, remodelers, floor coaters, and painters, you can capitalize on that emotional response people have when they see a project that resonates with them. 

Would You Like To Learn More?

We love to share what we’ve been learning and discovering! Take a look at our ADC Responders site, and then contact us directly with any questions you might have.

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