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My brother forwarded me a company email he received from the VP of his company. He works for a large commercial developer on the west coast. I’ll paraphrase and summarize the conclusion of the email from the vice president which I felt was a great reminder for any business in today’s economy:

Let’s keep our eyes and ears open for new opportunities from clients and through your connections/networks. Do not let a phone call or conversation end without asking “So, what else is going on out there that we should be looking at?”

…And when you do hear about something, try to collect some basic information: What, where, when, why, how, who…

You might think this is common sense, but I sure do not hear it much these days (and I don’t practice it much myself: but I should). It is a great reminder for me, and I’m passing it on to you. I have done this before and had others do it to me…and it works. It is a way to ask for referrals, in a nice way!

Example, a remodeler, when finishing up a job to a happy client can end the call with, “Appreciate you working with my company Mrs. Jones. By the way, have you heard any of your friends discuss when they might be doing a remodel?”

Have you had success using a similar “close” to a conversation? Love to hear about it.

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