Apple to Release a Touch Screen Tablet Computer

Apple has always had the power and the brains to dive into the Tablet “PC” market. I am not sure why they have not released their own touch-screen Mac in the last few years. Their iPhones and iTouch devices are incredible, so the technology is definitely there! Tablet computers, for those of you who don’t know, are basically a laptop with “touch” capabilities. However, most Tablet computers can only be touched using a stylus (pen). Only a very small handful of Tablet PCs on the market allow for finger touching, such as HP.

Tablet computers are an incredible invention for service companies, especially painting contractors. I first started using a Tablet for estimating over 5 years ago. I would say that my time was cut in half by being able to produce an estimate in the field with a client vs. taking notes and measurements and doing the proposal back at the office. I have definitely closed more deals with the help of the Tablet. Why? Because I have more face-time with the owner. I can provide them ballparks and/or fixed numbers on the spot. If I have to leave the jobsite/home, my chances of selling just went down.

The problem I have found with Tablet PCs mainly is the cost and the reliability of the machines. A good Tablet PC with MS Office can cost as much as $3,000. The other expense is one they break. I have rebuilt my Toshiba Tablet 2 times and a Motion Computing Tablet at least two times.

Thanks to Steve Jobs, it appears Apple will finally jump into the Tablet market and be producing their very own machine to the public later this year. I hope it is as easy to use as the iPhone. Netbooks have really taken off the past year, which is probably the main reason Apple began tinkering with the idea of producing something better. Believe me…whatever Apple decides to release will be incredible.

To read more about the Apple Tablet and see some possible ideas of what it will look like: View this site.

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