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During a boom season, it can be too easy to get distracted, get complacent, and coast… Don’t let up. Take advantage of the time, and get in the best position possible.

What a year it has been for the home improvement industry, eh? After an almost 90-day shutdown across America from the middle of March to June 2020, homeowners began to wake up regarding their home improvement projects. I don’t have to go into detail here. You all know it. In fact, you might still be so busy, you’ll stumble upon this blog when things begin to slow down a bit. 

Pedal To the Metal… 

This is just a reminder to all of you home improvement contractors out there to not let up on the gas as you build your brand. It is very easy during the good times to pull back on essentials, like marketing, especially if the leads are coming in thick and fast. 

NOW is the time to get ahead of your competition and develop more market share! Now is the time to actively pursue employees that are already working and offer them a position with your company. Now is the time to make changes to your operations to make your company the leader in your market.

Feast and Famine: A Timeless Story  

Many of you are familiar with the ancient Biblical story of Joseph, typically known as the “Prince of Egypt.” What was he known for? God had given him some very unique gifts: two being wisdom and the interpretation of dreams! Pharaoh made him the second most powerful man in the land of Egypt and asked him to prepare for the 7 years of famine that Joseph had predicted from Pharaoh’s dreams (see Genesis 41). 

It seemed a little crazy, but Joseph spent 7 years of incredible plenty preparing for 7 years of severe famine. Surrounding countries didn’t, and they came to rely on Egypt for survival (Genesis 42-44). 

The story of Joseph is really a story about redemption, and points to the work of Jesus Christ saving His people. I love to tell that story! But for the sake of this blog, I can see a clear, timeless insight that’s so applicable today. I believe it is wise to plan and prepare for the ups and downs of the economy. Now is the time to begin planning for the fall and winter months, and to invest in your equipment, in your people, in training, etc. I would also say that now is the time to save. 

Make sure your company remains profitable too. This is a crucial point in running a business. If you are not profitable and you’ve worked hard at trying to be, hire a business coach or consultant! 

Enjoy the Present, and Market for the Future

What are you doing to keep ahead of your competition? What are you doing to prepare for the slow times that will come? As someone who runs marketing campaigns across the country, I have begun to see leads lighten up just a bit in certain cities. Every gold rush inevitably ends. Play it smart, and make sure your company stays ahead! 

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