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Dealing with Price Objects as an Estimator

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Humorous Post Warning

This is a little bit out of the ordinary post this week. It is a short humorous story about an estimator I once knew in the painting industry and his experience dealing with price objections!

I am keeping his name and company confidential! I am also not endorsing what he did. I just always get a kick out of his response to a prospect. Read More

Case Study: Door Hangers vs Mailers

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I have been working with a painting contractor on the west coast for a couple of years now whose main source of leads came from door hangers, customers and referrals when I started. I was a little surprised that he was receiving leads from door hangers. I had mix results from other painters passing out door hangers.  Read More

Is CompanyCam Good For Painters?

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an app that managed all of your photos of your jobs in one place?

It has been a real challenge for painting companies to take pictures of projects, organize them, share them with other members of the team, collaborate and store them. In this post, I want to share a little bit about the features and benefits of a cloud program called CompanyCam and see how this could be a good solution for painting contractors.

Read More

When Should You Hire Painters

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Let’s be honest. You typically hire painters when you’re swamped. Right? You filled up your pipeline and have 8 weeks worth of work on the board. You put your hand on your head and say to your team, “We need to hire some painters! Let’s get to it!”

Most painters are very busy when the economy is strong. Right now, this is definitely the case; especially since we’re entering into the late spring months. Is it easier or more difficult to find painters when they’re all busy? It’s much more difficult. All the good painters are working right now — or at least should be working. Read More

Giving Ballpark Figures on an Estimate Call

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I got a quote to replace my sliding back door with a new unit. I asked the guy doing the estimate a fairly simple question, and it will sound familiar to all you estimators out there! “I know you have to work up the numbers back at the shop, but do you think it will cost more than $2k or less than $2k for a ballpark.” Fair question, right? I did not want to waste his time…as I had a budget figure in my head. Read More

Why Basecamp is Better Than Yammer

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Internal Communication with Your Team

How do you communicate in your company? Do you rely on text messaging, email, calling one another, or an internal communication (social network)? We have many different ways to communicate these days with friends, family and coworkers thanks to popular sites such as Facebook. Those sites make it more fun and very easy, right? Now, with that in mind, I wanted to do a bit of a technical article talking about internal communications between your team members. Let’s look into why this type of communication is important, mention of some of the products on the market (specifically: Yammer) that do this sort of thing and then round it out with my favorite program and why I recommend it for the home improvement industry. Read More

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