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Update: November 2018: Base has joined with Zendesk Support. Their new name is Zendesk Sell. Their pricing structure has changed as well. It spans from $19, $49, $99 and $199 per user. I use the words Base CRM in the article below, written in 2014.

During the past several months, the Base CRM development team has been very busy providing many valuable updates to their simple yet effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloud software. I have been using Base for the past couple of years for my own business. After the last couple of big updates, it has become an even better tool for my company. I use it daily, and if you are still looking for a great CRM, you should give it a try yourself. It is built for small and medium size businesses.

Recent Updates:

Events Are Now in BaseIMG_3743

I have been eagerly awaiting the day Base introduced a full blown calendar system like Google Calendar. This wish became a reality a couple of weeks ago. The new calendar feature is a two-way sync with Google. It is Version 1 so it will not completely keep me from using Google Calendar. However, if I’m managing just my own calendar, I can use Base on the desktop, iPhone or iPad 100% without having to touch Google Calendar. I can also view all of  my other Google Calendars within Base: I just cannot edit them just yet. This feature is on it’s way!

The reason I like using the Base Calendar over Google’s is that it keeps track of my meetings with contacts I have in Base already. I spend less time jumping around programs now that this feature has been released. Base has told me they are working quickly to make the events feature even better. So stay tuned…this could replace Google Calendar 100% someday.

Base has also informed me that a lot of updates are being added to the calendar feature this year!


account-baseAccounts are new in Base as of late March as well. This was not something I was thinking was needed, but the more I spend time looking into Accounts, the more I think it is an awesome addition to Base CRM. In short, you can quickly view who your best accounts are by filtering contacts or through reporting. It is not always based on the amount of dollars the client spends on your services either. Maybe you have a customer who uses you all of the time? Accounts will tell you how many jobs you’ve won, how many potential jobs you have in the pipeline and the total of jobs won or pending without having to do a lot of investigative work.

Knowing more about your customers is crucial. As you review your accounts in Base, you might discover better (more personal) ways to market and keep in touch.



Other Updates to Base This Spring

  • Task Notification: Now you can create Task on the desktop or mobile app with a better reminder system (like Google). You can be notified at the time of your event, 5 minutes before, 15 minutes, etc. Before this update, all task reminders were set 1 hour before the deadline.
  • Task On Calendar: You can view or hide your task on the Base Calendar. This saves you from having to go back and forth between your task and events tab. This update only works on the desktop version.
  • Push Notification & Pop Up Reminders: Now on the iPhone/iPad you can get pop up reminders of upcoming events. It also shows up in your notification drop down menu.
  • Email, Calls & Text Messaging: You can have your entire sales team use Base for text messaging, phone calls and sending/receiving emails directly via the Base mobile app and desktop version. It works very much like iMessage. The texting features are only available on the Enterprise plan (currently). I hope Base changes this! But it works very well (just costs more). On this plan, users are given a unique phone number. The real benefit is that all communication with a prospect, vendor or customer is tracked 100% within the Base CRM system. It just keeps getting better.
  • Reporting: The reports on the desktop version are easier to navigate, customize and are a bit smarter too.
  • Scoring: This is a brand new feature. It is also only available for the Enterprise version. It is a bit tricky to setup at the moment. However,  it is a beautiful concept for larger sales teams that deal with various industries. To read more about Scoring, visit the Base Blog.
  • Custom Lead Forms: This feature makes it easy to make a contact form on your website. If you want to add or remove an item on your lead form, it is a piece of cake. The screenshot below is from my website. When someone fills out their information here, it goes directly into my Base Leads section and notifies me by email. I  have also setup my Automated Task in Base to let me know the next course of action to take in the sales process.
    Custom Lead Form Sample

    Custom Lead Forms on Base CRM


So, there have been a lot of updates as you can see from Base CRM during the first 4 months of 2014. They are also moving their offices to the Bay Area to be closer to the “Tech World”. They plan on releasing updates at a much faster rate this year. One of their big goals is to go head to head with Salesforce. Can they do it? So far, I’m really liking the functions of Base CRM. For those who want a little more customization with Base, check out Zapier (i.e. Base to Quickbooks functions).

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