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When I use a product longer than a year, it must be good! I am always on the lookout for quality, cloud-based programs that work well for small businesses. Basecamp, by 37 Signals, is one of those programs that I’ve used for close to a decade now. I do have a laundry list of things I’d like to add to Basecamp’s functionality, but in the meantime, I am content with the current tools and features within Basecamp. I have hunted for the perfect project management tool and I keep coming back to Basecamp! It just works!

Calendar & Me Features

In this post, I wanted to update my readers on the latest function that was added to the iPhone App: Calendar and “Me” Tabs. Before this update, you could still view the calendar individually within each project and the dropdown menu called “Upcoming Events.” This is still possible, but the new update makes it faster and easier to view, create and edit events. Oh before the new release, one could not edit a Calendar, just view events! You also have access to all calendars from all projects.


The “Me” section gives you a list of all the To Dos and Events assigned to you personally. This not a feature I use all that much since I tend to use Basecamp to follow up on other people more than myself, but it still is a nice thing to have for individuals. It helps cut through all the clutter.

Basecamp can be very overwhelming for those who are not used to running and managing projects. They look at it and are overwhelmed. For those who are employees, I’d encourage them to just use the ME tab and not freak out about all the other items they see in their project(s). Leave all the other things to the managers.

Keep Certain Sections Private

Until recently, everything on Basecamp was open to all users. If you were having a bad day and typed a comment that was a bit too critical, everyone would see it. I don’t know why it took this long to add a privacy area, but to me, this is the most important update that makes Basecamp a very valuable tool to use even more with your customers (especially if you are a contractor). Now when you invite a person(s) to your Basecamp project, you add them as an employee or client. If you add someone as a client, you can turn off certain sections that will remain private only to you and your employees.


Basecamp for Contractors?

Are you using Basecamp in your organization? How do you currently use it? I would love to know via email or in the comments below. Basecamp is a great way to impress your customers while running their project: for a 1 day project or an entire remodel. You can create templates for jobs and have your employees check off all the important items related to their job. It has been proven that companies that have a check system for their jobs have fewer mistakes and a happier customers! I have helped setup Basecamp for contractors and painting companies.

I will warn you: your employees will balk when you integrate Basecamp into your organization. It is new. It is different. Don’t let that stop you. I’ve set this up for my dad’s painting company in San Diego and started with 1 employee at a time. It works great! My dad can now check in on any job and make sure his crew leaders are hitting the mark every time.


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  • We are raving fans of Basecamp and so are our guys. We also use 3 iPad mini’s mainly because of the easy and usability of Basecamp and love it especially the visual company calendar.

    Great post David!

    • David Chism says:

      Thanks Steve. So the iPad minis are working well for everyone eh?

      How did the guys adapt to using all the Apple products? What about taking shots of their work and overall productivity and communication? Has it gotten better?

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