Best Bluetooth Earpiece for Driving

Posted by David Chism | Wed, Sep 19, 2012

 Best Bluetooth Earpiece for Driving
Some­times I feel like I’ve spent more mon­ey on blue­tooth ear­pieces than I have cell phones. I’ve tried the cheap and the most expen­sive devices I could find. I’ve had the phone reps swear up and down of their per­son­al favorites: Jaw­bone I, Jaw­bone II, Motoro­la, Jabra, Blue Ant, Plantron­ics etc. Yes, I’ve tried them and always had mediocre suc­cess. I want­ed a blue­tooth ear­piece where I could hear the per­son I was talk­ing to clear­ly and visa ver­sa. Ear­li­er this year, I was told by my sis­ter that her hus­band was using the Bose ear­piece and loved it. He was not a techie guy, so I fig­ured it must be easy to use and good. I was sick of spend­ing $125+ on ear­pieces but decid­ed to do it one final time. I gave the Bose 2 a try. As I write this blog, 6 months lat­er, I am still a fan of the Bose 2 Blue­tooth Ear­piece. It tru­ly is the best ear­piece on the mar­ket for those dri­ving a loud truck or sit­ting in an office. In fact, I switched from using my land­line to using my Bose Blue­tooth for almost all phone calls. You can con­nect it eas­i­ly to a smart­phone or your com­put­er. This is the first time ever peo­ple can­not tell I’m using an ear­piece. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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