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Update: November 2018: Base has joined with Zendesk Support. Their new name is Zendesk Sell. Their pricing structure has changed as well. It spans from $19, $49, $99 and $199 per user. I use the words Base CRM in the article below, written in 2013.

Using a CRM

If your business is not using a CRM to track leads, customers, and sales, you need to start this now. It is one of the most crucial things your small business needs to run a successful business. I’ve written on a lot of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs over the years. You have a lot of choices. For those who want simple, clean, easy to use yet has one of the best features ever for a CRM, I recommend Base CRM. Here is why Base just got 10x better the past few weeks (this week for iOS).

Geolocation for iOS & Android

Base CRM just introduced Geolocation features on their mobile devices: Android and Apple products. According to Base’s recent blog post:

“Geolocation allows you to visualize your Contacts, Leads and Deals in relation to where you are, on a beautiful map and get one-touch driving directions.”


This new feature will be a real help to your sales team. Lets say you have a new salesman who just doesn’t know much about the area and what deals, leads or customers are nearby. When he shows up to an appointment, he can tap a button on the mobile app and watch Google Maps pop up with easy to view icons of anything around him that is related to his company: deals, leads and contacts. He can tap on the icons to learn more. This could help him not only on prospecting but engaging with past customers when he has extra time (before he leaves the area), making task to follow up by phone/email/personal note, or even to show a potential customer all the work his company has done in the area.

In the past, the only way to get something similar looking was using many man hours of data entry and programs like BatchGeo. Now, it is all automatic based on what you’ve already put into your CRM system. When I heard Base was working on this feature, I was very excited. I have yet to see this on other CRM programs on the market. Another reason I like this 1 feature is because I think it will help the contractors get more excited about the benefits of a good CRM program. If all a company does is type in the address, city and zip of their contacts, Geolocation will do everything else. To help engage and sell more services, I think this is a very crucial upgrade. The best part about this new feature is that it is included in all versions of Base: even the free one.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. I’ve been testing it this week, and I’ve yet to find a bug! Works very well!

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