Blackberry Torch Might Keep Business Professionals

Posted by David Chism | Tue, Aug 3, 2010

The Black­ber­ry Smart­phones have strug­gled a bit since Apple and Android cre­at­ed some pret­ty amaz­ing touch­screen phones. Black­ber­ry entered the touch­screen mar­ket 2 years ago when Ver­i­zon released the Black­ber­ry Storm. The Storm has nev­er real­ly tak­en off like Ver­i­zon or oth­er Black­ber­ry users were hop­ing, which is why Ver­i­zon turned their atten­tion to the Android Droid.” Hav­ing had a Black­ber­ry for a num­ber of years in the past, I must say, the key­board was awe­some. I think RIM has the key­board mas­tered. So, with the arrival of the new Black­ber­ry Torch, RIM cre­at­ed a bet­ter touch­screen phone and a pull­down key­board that Black­ber­ry users are famil­iar with already. I think this might be a good call. They are not call­ing it an iPhone killer, which is also a good mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy. Instead, they are cater­ing to what their clients want: an eas­i­er to use brows­er and touch­screen with the abil­i­ty to use the old-fash­ion” key­board. It will be released to the US. in about 2 weeks. To learn more about the new phone, watch the WSJ report below. | or vis­it The Black­ber­ry Torch Page. 

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