Using Text Messages To Get Reviews

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I think the days of using standard, template emails to get reviews from clients are just about over. I say “just about” because I know some of you are using this approach with success, but that success is moderate at best. 

In today’s world, most consumers are totally comfortable with hundreds (or even thousands) of emails piled up in their inboxes, and your email asking for a review is just going to disappear in the heap. 80% of the time, it will never be seen or responded to. 

So, what are your options?

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Best Dashboard for Tracking the Coronavirus

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I met a software developer this past month to explore some ways he could help me improve my business using better dashboards and reporting software.

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The two of us were just exchanging emails and getting together to meet in person in March which then moved to April and then…the virus hit the U.S.

Dan and his team wanted to find a way to help humanity. So he used his dashboard software to build a tracking system for the Coronavirus. He has been sharing updates with me during this crisis, and I thought it was time to help share the dashboard with my followers.

Their visual representation dashboard of the COVID-19 CURVE is the first in the world to help humanity visualize how well each region is doing as time goes on.

Take a look and bookmark this site.

Perspective Flip: How To Use COVID-19 To Better Your Contracting Business

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Fear has, in many ways, paralyzed our economy just as much as the social distancing. And, that fear is contagious. We’ve already seen it start to seep into the perspectives of business owners, especially those who own small businesses that simply aren’t built to withstand too much turbulence.

NOW is your chance to either hunker down and hope the storm doesn’t get too bad, or seize the opportunity to modify and improve your processes. 

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How Can You Get More Commercial Painting Leads?

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We’ve seen this happen quite a bit. 

A painting company starts out with a residential focus, and then begins to look for more commercial leads as their team and capabilities grow. Who could blame you? The revenue is often fantastic, and the stability offered by larger projects is helpful for keeping your team busy (especially if seasonality hits you hard each winter). 

So, how can you attract those new leads?

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How To Grow Your Painting Business without Paying More for Marketing

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As I wrap up my 10th year in business, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the customers I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside as a marketing manager. I also enjoy reviewing their different successes and stories, finding common themes among sometimes very different companies. 

While every company may be unique, there are really three universal ways to grow your painting business in 2020, and specifically to grow your leads. I’ll wrap things up below with my best recommendation too, and it may take you a bit by surprise (given the source).

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