Booking Program Setster

Posted by David Chism | Tue, Jul 16, 2013

 Booking Program Setster
In 2009, I was first intro­duced to Set­ster, an easy to use Online Book­ing Pro­gram. Before I came across Set­ster, a num­ber of my clients were using a sched­ul­ing pro­gram on their web­site that did not link to their exist­ing Out­look or Google cal­en­dars. It was very time con­sum­ing and required a lot of man­u­al entry. That pro­gram served its pur­pose, but the need for a more auto­mat­ed book­ing soft­ware was need­ed. I tried out almost all the book­ing pro­grams such as: Book­ing­Bug, Book­fresh, You​Can​Book​.Me, Sched­uleOnce, Schedulic­i­ty, Appointy, and more. I was look­ing for an easy to use cloud-based sched­ul­ing pro­gram that worked well with one’s exist­ing cal­en­dar. I’m a big fan of Google Apps, so I also pre­ferred a pro­gram that worked well with Google. All in all, there are many good sched­ul­ing pro­grams on the mar­ket. Book­fresh & You​Can​Book​.me are still used by a num­ber of my cus­tomers, and the pro­grams are work­ing just fine. I stopped rec­om­mend­ing Book­fresh because of their lack of cus­tomer sup­port and endorsed You​Can​Book​.Me for being the best at work­ing with Google and had great sup­port as well. Back in 2009 – 2010, Set­ster was also a prod­uct that I liked and rec­om­mend­ed. My only con­cern with giv­ing it two thumbs up back then was their Google inte­gra­tion was not quite where I want­ed it to be. Yet, the pro­gram worked and cus­tomers I knew using it were hap­py with Set­ster. I have stayed con­nect­ed with the Set­ster com­pa­ny, and I recent­ly received an update that Set­ster now has a full two way sync with Google Cal­en­dar and sup­ports oth­er pop­u­lar cal­en­dars. They are cur­rent­ly work­ing on more mobile fea­tures, which I’ll post that update when they are avail­able. In the mean­time, here is a brief overview of Set­ster.

Set­ster Overview

Setster Logo Here are some of the screen­shots of Set­ster and some of the key fea­tures that make it an afford­able options for small, medi­um and even large com­pa­nies. Also, Set­ster has allowed their book­ing pro­gram to be ful­ly cus­tomized. What this means is if you have an advanced web devel­op­ment team at your com­pa­ny, you can make Set­ster work just about any­way you’d like. This not only includes col­or and brand changes but also more cus­tomiza­tion to how the cal­en­dar and book­ing pro­gram works.

Loca­tion or Ser­vice Bookings

Cus­tomers on your web­site can book an appoint­ment at a spe­cif­ic loca­tion (Den­tist, Col­or Help, Mas­sage, Hair Appoint­ment, Auto Repair, etc) or a ser­vice (at their home: paint­ing, plumb­ing, elec­tri­cal, etc). Book-by-location-or-service-Setster

Easy To Use By Customers

Select­ing a date and time for an appoint­ment is very sim­ple. Set­ster walks a cus­tomer through the process in a few sim­ple steps. 


Cus­tomiz­ing & Mak­ing Changes by Admin

Ask what­ev­er ques­tions you want on your form or allow cus­tomers to select which esti­ma­tor, tech­ni­cian or con­sul­tant he/​she wish­es to meet with (you can have mul­ti­ple sched­ules). You can inte­grate one or mul­ti­ple Google cal­en­dars into Set­ster. You also have the liberty/​flexibility to set­up how much time (padding) you wish to have between appoint­ments, trav­el time, lunch breaks, and times in the week you don’t want to schedule. Custom-Booking-Forms-Setster


Set­ster’s pric­ing remains com­pet­i­tive with oth­er top sched­ul­ing pro­grams on the mar­ket. For a small busi­ness with a cou­ple of sales mem­bers, you’d be look­ing at spend­ing around $24 a month. If you had sev­er­al loca­tions, a slight­ly larg­er sales team, the cost would start at $32 a month. To me…the prices are very rea­son­able and def­i­nite­ly saves admin­is­tra­tive time. To learn more about Set­ster and their pric­ing, go to their web­site and try a 15 day tri­al. Let me know what you think of it too. If you are won­der­ing if you should con­sid­er a sched­ul­ing pro­gram on your web­site, shoot me an email. We can talk about the pros and cons. I do not rec­om­mend it for every­one. I have clients who have tried Set­ster, You​Can​Book​.me and oth­ers and decid­ed to remove the fea­tures and just have peo­ple call or email them to book an appoint­ment. How­ev­er, I do see many pos­i­tive rea­sons on how Set­ster can be a very time sav­ing and pro­fes­sion­al tool your cus­tomers will come to love and appreciate. 

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