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I recently told a few of you about a simple scheduling program for Google Calendar that I liked called The overall design of the program is not as cool as some of the larger companies such as Schedulicity, Genbooks, Setster or Bookfresh. Yet works extremely well with Google Calendar: almost too well. Below is a testimonial from Steve from Burnett Painting in Southwest Florida (yes he has been on my blogs before) on how he is using and his “first” experience with a booked lead.

Hi David,

A quick testimonial: You shared with me last week. I had Javier plug it into the front page of my site right away! While its not pretty we are working on that. Well last Friday I received an e-mail on my phone while on the road for a “booking” for Monday the 16th at 4pm.

How the lead went:

At first I was concerned because Mark, the prospect’s, e mail’s with me were VERY short. Is the guy not cool? Is this a plant from a competitor?

I arrived today and learn he is a sales rep for sprinkler systems out of CA and he drinks Red Bull, HA! So he is very busy and on a sugar rush, too busy for long e-mails. My calendar on my front page was PERFECT for him.

I measured the interior and handed him our first rate proposal and went over it and his e-mail chimes on his phone. Its my local competitor with their proposal. They come in at 60% of my price! I still closed the job with deposit check in hand !

“Front page calendar” is 1 for 1 baby!

Thanks for the calendar tip David!

Steve 🙂

I am impressed with Steve’s idea to put the calendar right on the home page. Most companies put forms to fill out for someone to contact the prospect. Steve decided to save that step and put the calendar right on the home page, which to be honest, I’ve never seen before. Why? Because it doesn’t really look as pretty and cool. Web designers tend to design for looks rather than conversions. Yet Steve’s idea worked! People searching online are typically in a hurry. They don’t stop to read much these days when looking for a service company. So making it easy for people to schedule an appointment that is convenient for them, saves them time! I applaud Steve to stepping out of the typical design standards, putting the calendar right smack in the middle of his home page and doing something different! Well done, Steve!

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