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Facebook has been a game changer in many ways on how individuals and businesses connect with others. People all over the world can stay in touch so much more easily because of Facebook’s free social media network. Facebook introduced paid advertising a number of years ago which made total sense. They had to make money somehow, right? Those ads you, normally as the second post when you are scrolling through your feed, pays Facebook the big bucks.

I will keep this post short and to the point. This is just a friendly reminder that businesses that want to see a bit more fruit from their posting labors need to have a Facebook boosting budget. If you do not pay to boost your post, chances are your post will be seen by less than 10% of the people who like your company’s business page.

It no longer matters if you decide to post 5x a week. If you are not paying to boost, you are just wasting your time.

I was talking to a close relative of mine who has a social media position with a well-known brand in America (hint: Harley). I asked him if the dealerships he works for pay to boost their Facebook post. He said that they really only pay to boost for an event, but they do not want to spend extra money on the “regular” postings! Yet they are paying this guy’s salary to beef up Facebook! That is why I’m writing this post! I was surprised such a trusted brand would not understand the game of how Facebook works!

For $20, I was able to have this 1 post reach close to 2k people.


Only 77 people saw this post, because it was not boosted.


What is Facebook Boosting

If you are unfamiliar with Facebook boosting, it is simply a way to pay anywhere from a couple dollars to hundreds to get your post in front of more people. Facebook will give you plenty of options on how to have your post reach more eyeballs. A number of years ago, a business cost write a post and know that a majority of their “fans” would see their post. However, it quickly got out of hand. Businesses all over the world began posting like crazy because it was free and easy to get in front of their target audience.

Not a lot has changed. You can still get in front of your audience. The difference is really that simple: you have to pay to play. Don’t be cheap guys! Create a Facebook boosting budget and boost those post.

Start simple and small! Try spending $5 on a post. Create the target audience to be people who liked your page and their friends. See how it goes. Facebook will keep you in the loop for how well the post was received. The quality of your content is still vital!

The quality of your content is still vital! You never know when that $5-20 can reach tens of thousands of people. Basically, Facebook wants to know you are serious about your business. They will test the waters and see how your post does on the Facebook feed. If people seem to like the content, they will boost it more. Facebook is very careful about their ads. They know the consumer does not like seeing a lot of ads. So they are very strategic in how they present your post these days.

A Word About Post Going Viral

What about a post going viral? Does that only work if you pay to play? The short answer is no. Any post technically can go viral without paying a penny. Yet you are far more likely to have a post go viral the more people who see it. If you create a humorous video and do not pay to boost it, you’ll have to hope that the few people who see it think it is funny and shares it organically. That was true with one of the videos a local Harley dealership did recently. They did a Facebook live to introduce their new line of 2018 bikes. They did not have to do much to make that one video go viral. Within less than 48 hours, it was viewed over 100,000. It can happen but do not bank on all your construction post going viral.

Don’t be cheap guys! Have a plan, create that budget, create great content and go to work! Boost those post or don’t post at all. 

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