Branding Report on Amazon Part 2

Posted by David Chism | Tue, Aug 10, 2010

 Branding Report on Amazon Part 2
Now I get to tell you in this short blog some of the insights of the Ama​zon​.com Brand! Below are some of the things I’ve heard, and you are all right on! When Peo­ple Think of Ama​zon​.com These Are The Things That Come To Mind: 
  • Free Ship­ping
  • Ama­zon is the biggest rain­for­est in the world: there­fore, Ama​zon​.com wants to (or is) the biggest online shop­ping company
  • They have every­thing from A to Z (notice the swoosh start­ing at A” and point­ing to Z”
  • The “.com” means it is online
  • The swoosh rep­re­sents a Smile” | Cus­tomers expe­ri­ence deal­ing with Ama​zon​.com
  • Ama​zon​.com is easy to use, easy to nav­i­gate and is just an all around good shop­ping experience
What do peo­ple think when they see or hear your brand name? What makes you dif­fer­ent? A great book to help you under­stand brand­ing bet­ter is What Is Your BQ by San­dra Sel­l­ani (She is a gift­ed speak­er too!)

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