Business Cards on Yard Signs

Posted by David Chism | Fri, Jul 22, 2011

 Business Cards on Yard Signs
When­ev­er it is pos­si­ble, always install a job sign dur­ing your project. Some con­trac­tors have two signs: a qual­i­ty, reusable one dur­ing the project and a less expen­sive sign they can leave behind when fin­ished. Some com­mu­ni­ties do not allow yard signs. How­ev­er, if you can, make it a part of your sys­tem. Also, by installing a busi­ness card hold­er on the sign will allow folks walk­ing by the oppor­tu­ni­ty to grab a card and call you when they are ready. Busi­ness card hold­ers work well! You can also install them on your vehi­cles. If you want to get extra cre­ative, you can cre­ate a leave behind brochure of the job you are doing, sim­i­lar to what real­tors do when sell­ing a home. In any case, be cre­ative when work­ing in a neigh­bor­hood. Be dif­fer­ent. As always, just make sure the home­own­er does­n’t mind hav­ing a yard sign or infor­ma­tion about their project avail­able. Most home­own­ers are per­fect­ly fine with it but a few will say no. Any oth­er ideas that work for you guys? Let me know. Here is one place you can order them: Busi­ness Card Holders

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