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Tip: How To Increase Customer Online Reviews

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CBP-ReviewsIncreasing your online reviews, especially on Google Maps, can help consumers find you easier online? It is best practice to not just rely on Google reviews, but it also does not hurt to continue to increase the number of reviews you have on Google. I normally suggest contractors focus on Google, Yelp and Houzz. Facebook can also be a good idea if you want to add a 4th source. Read More

Should a Contractor Advertise with Amazon Home Services

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Amazon has decided to compete with companies like Porch, Angie’s List, Houzz, and Yelp by offering its own home improvement lead generation service for its loyal members. This really makes a lot of sense for Amazon, since they are the best at knowing their customer’s buying behaviors. I think this can be a real blessing for certain service providers. Yet, I also think it can have a real negative effect on certain home improvement contractors.  Read More

Can Your Business Thrive If You Do Not Market?

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Over the years I have seen many painting and contracting companies stay the same size and struggle to survive: stay in business and not make enough money. I don’t know about you, if I am not making money in my business and working just to pay the bills, I do not want the stress to stay in business. That is survival mode! I don’t want to survive in my business. I and most business owners want to thrive. We want to make money and provide a quality business we are proud to serve up to our customers and hopefully pass on to someone else or sell someday. Read More

Basecamp 3 for Communicating with Your Team

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Those of you who currently work with me or have in the past know I use Basecamp for project management. I was introduced to Basecamp around 10 years ago by my web developer, David Guy. In all the years since I started using Basecamp and all the other programs I have tried, I am still using Basecamp to communicate with my team and clients. It is one of the reasons my staff rarely drops the ball on a task. Last fall, Basecamp introduced a completely revamped platform that they named Basecamp 3 (aka BC3). The two previous platforms are still available and are called Basecamp Classic and Basecamp 2. Read More

How Much Should a Painting Company Spend on Marketing?

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November and December are my two busiest months for helping my clients plan for the following business year (when it comes to marketing). Most of my clients have a business coach who helps them with the overall business plan for each year, including a marketing budget number. The budget number that the business consulting firm(s) gives to a painting business can and does vary quite a bit based on a number of factors. Read More

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