Marketing Commentary | A David Creation - Part 4

Small Business Advertising on Facebook

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CDI Facebook adI recently began running a Facebook Ad test for a Christmas Decor franchise here in Maryland. Facebook has such a huge following which made me curious about advertising on it. What intrigued me the most about Facebook ads was the very targeted demographics you could select when creating an ad. I was about to target college graduates in select areas of Maryland, male or female and specific ages. Facebook demographics are pretty right on, because most Facebook users don’t lie about their profile (as they are trying to connect with old friends).

I started out with a very conservative dollar amount of only $3 a day back in September and have done almost 6 weeks of testing. The campaign is a pay per click ad, very similar to Google Adwords. I am only charged if someone clicks on my ad. The visitor, when they click on the ad lands on a Christmas Decor “landing page” that I created. (View Landing Page). The cool thing about Facebook ads is that I can change them anytime I want and always have a picture. The picture ads are perfect for a Christmas decorating franchise as the beautiful display homes speak for themselves! Most days I max out my number of clicks that range from 3-6 per day. As I write this blog, the company has received 3 quality/targeted leads for $107 invested. The average cost per job for this Christmas Decor company is $2,800. So to spend $107 to get 3 leads with a closing ratio of 50%+…that is a great ROI.

Finally, I expect the Facebook ads to do even better as we move into the Christmas season for 2009! Typically people do not start thinking of Christmas til the middle of November and even more after Thanksgiving. It is not on their radar screen. So, if my theory is correct, I believe Facebook advertising for a product/service business works: especially for Christmas lights! As for painters advertising on Facebook, I would love the challenge of testing an ad campaign for them. I would say it may not be as successful as Christmas lights, but if the ad is written well with a good landing page, who knows!

The Twelve Weeks of Christmas Campaign

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After many hours of planning and preparation, my Twelve Weeks of Christmas campaign is underway! I introduced the Twelves Weeks of Christmas to a sharp group of painting contractors last week in San Antonio, TX for the semi-annual Summit conference. I recently joined the Summit Services Inc. group to offer marketing services to their members. I am very excited to be working with such an incredible group of paint companies, as they all run a tight ship. They love what they do, and they do a great job serving their clients. I was a painting contractor member of Summit for four years and really enjoyed the time. It is a lot of fun being back with them offering marketing assistance.

The Twelve Weeks of Christmas is an email campaign targeted to existing clients. The idea is that painting contractors will use their existing email programs such as iContact, Constant Contact or Mail Chimp to send out a bi-weekly email newsletter. The email will feature a gift card offer from a major retail chain such as Norstrom, Apple and American Girl. The purpose of the campaign of course is to get painting clients to paint select areas of their client’s home in time for the holidays and “rewarded” them with a gift card to shop early!

So far, I have around 15 painting companies participating in the program. Each email is customized with quality text, photos and their company colors. We are hoping for some great results!

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