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Man on The Move | Kevin Nolan

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I’ve known Kevin Nolan, President of Nolan Painting for about 10 years now. My dad and Kevin first met back in the late 1990s when they started the PDCA’s Residential Forum. Kevin has done an incredible job running a successful painting business. He has great people working for him and in the right position. I thought I’d post a recent blog post that describes a little more about the man behind Nolan Painting. You can learn a lot from the way Kevin runs his business.

Read the blog post about Kevin Nolan

La Jolla Mom Website

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Just wanted to point out a great website if you live in La Jolla, California or plan to visit there anytime soon. A customer of my dad’s painting company, Kate Dillon, started a blog/site called “La Jolla Mom.” The website is easy to navigate, bright and cheery, inviting and full of very helpful information for both locals and vacationers. La Jolla Mom can also be found on twitter and has an impressive following base. Make sure you bookmark her site but take the time to read over the existing content. This is a good lesson of building a website that is not about selling a product but in connecting, sharing and creating remarkable/useful content. People don’t like to be sold, so don’t do it on your website or blog. Instead, connect, network, invite, post, comment: interact! That is the power of Social Networking.

Keep Marketing Simple and Personal

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Social Networking seems as though it is growing at the speed of light these days. Connecting with fans and friends on Facebook and creating an email blast is a piece of cake. Social Networking and Media is becoming the normal way to communicate. Although there is a place for Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn and Email marketing for your business, have you asked yourself, “Is my company still personal, approachable and real?” Can they schedule a meeting where they meet a real live person? Can they schedule a meeting where they meet a real live person? With technology at our fingertips (literally), it is becoming harder for companies to remember the good old days of old-fashioned marketing.

One old-fashioned marketing technique I’d like to reintroduce is the “handwritten note.” Yep. That’s it. Let me explain how it works. It is where a business owner or estimator spends 5-7 minutes of his or her time writing a thank you or follow up note to a prospect or past client using a pen and stationary. This concept is not just marketing. It is relational, personal and real. People buy from people they like. They want a relationship. Facebook started as a great tool to reconnect with long lost friends. Now it is a social online chat club…sometimes enabling chats with people you’ve never met or can’t remember if you were once friends.

Go back to the basics this spring. Dust off some old stationary and get started today. By the way, for the remodelers and painters reading this, try a custom stationary with a featured home you’ve worked on. I’d recommend talking to a watercolor artist to paint a photo or two you can use on your stationary. Check out this site: Watercolor Artist: Cath Howard.

Creative Intel Commercials

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It is old news to say how successful Intel has been with their humorous and creative approach to advertising. Intel makes computer processors that no one but computer techies can see yet just about everyone who owns a computer knows Intel. They’ve stamped their logo in a visible place on computers everywhere. They have the reputation for building the best processors for computers.

So, as a marketing guy, I love Intel’s approach to marketing. They did not want people to just feel comfortable buying a computer that had “intel inside.” They wanted a cult following! Now they’ve secured their #1 status through their effective and downright funny ads. Great job, Intel!

How can you make your company have a fan based who loves you? Maybe a humorous commercial? A tagline? A particular service that no one else offers? A guarantee that is unbeatable? Or a leave behind gift or mascot? (think: Aflac)

View my favorite Intel Commercial.

No PACE for David This Year

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It was just a week and a half ago I was invited last minute to attend PACE, the national conference of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA). This year’s event will be held in Phoenix AZ. I got all my plans set in stone, hotel, flights, business cards, etc…then Southwest announced the cancelling of all flights out of BWI from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. We have a big snow storm ready to begin in just a few hours.

So, I am sad to say that I will not be able to make PACE this year. I was really looking forward to the trip. I can probably find a late flight on Sunday but then I’d only be in Phoenix for just over a day before returning. It is not worth the travel time. I hope it is a great conference and look forward to hearing from some of you who went.

Why Own a Mac

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Most of my clients use PCs for running their companies. Only a small handful use a Mac at home. I hope that getting an Apple computer will be on their New Years resolution for 2010! They are incredible machines. The most common objection I hear from the PC camp about an Apple is, “I know they are good, but they are so much more expensive.” I’m not sure I can agree with that statement having owned many PC computers and now several Apple machines. I have been on the PC side for most of my life. I’ve replaced PC computers many many times. I’ve watched as tens of thousands of dollars have been poured into building, maintaining and fixing my dad’s Microsoft Exchange (PC) servers while working for him.

The typical laptop last about 3 years. As for an Apple Laptop’s lifespan, I have heard over 5 years and going strong. So, if the Apple product last 2x as long or longer but it cost more upfront, what is a better value: the PC or Mac? Apple is not double a PC in most cases. It might be 25% more but not 50%. You can get a small but quality Mac computer for as little as $600. So, if an Apple last two times longer than a PC, isn’t it worth it? How many professional painting contractors preach to their prospects that their painting company is the best! If something is truly better quality and value, why not buy it?

So, this Christmas season, try a mac. You will not be disappointed.

Happy Thanksgiving from A David Creation

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As 2009 comes to an end, I look back at yet another year in which I am truly thankful for all that has been accomplished. I have been blessed with awesome clients, a wonderful family, a great church, a roof over my head and wonderful friends. Every year is a good year. Even when trials come, I am thankful for how God has blessed my life. It is so wonderful to have a day devoted to giving thanks! I hope and pray that this Thanksgiving will give us all many opportunities to express our thankfulness to someone close to us!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for taking the time…

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Sometimes you have to wonder why almost all consumers write the same “no thank you” email and letters to salesmen. Is there a book about the things to say and not to say to a salesman on the market that I am missing? This is how you know you lost a sale when you read the following 6 words of the first sentence, “Thank you for taking the time…” I don’t think I have ever read those 6 words ending this way, “…we’d love you to do the job!” Instead it ends, “…but we’ve decided to go with another…”

I like to write the obvious at times, which is why I’m posting this! Maybe a consumer will read this post and come up with something new and different like making the salesperson really wonder what he or she is trying to say! Hey! a blog is short for weblog, so writing a journal that is not real important is fun sometimes. Give it a try…write something fun on your blog today and watch your stress level be GONE!

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