Clerical Error Names “Catastrophic Cantaloupe” Paint Color of the Year | A David Creation

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While the world was anticipating that either Sanguine Sage or Tropical Nirvana would take the stage as Color of the Year, a clerical error shoved Catastrophic Cantaloupe into the limelight. The major paint manufacturer behind the error decided to run with it, hoping for the best.


Surprisingly, the feedback has been positive. 


“It’s just so risky! When they announced Catastrophic Cantaloupe we all nearly dropped our lattes. But now we can’t get enough of it.”

-Marc Deklin, Senior Colorist


“I didn’t think anything so bright and orange would ever work in my home office. I mean, are the chronic migraines ideal? No, but what do I know? It’s trendy, right? It’s gotta be good!”

-Marty Evans, Homeowner


“I just loved the description: ‘Bold, unapologetic, zesty… Catastrophic Cantaloupe heightens our senses, increases our awareness, and plunges us headfirst into a marmalade world of sticky whimsy and untapped potential.’ I mean, that’s art! I don’t know what it means, but I just knew I needed it in my life.”

-Wanda Moore, Little Heights, OK.


“I used it in my bathroom, and now I don’t even need to use the overhead light! Everything just glows like a radioactive sweet potato. I LOVE IT!”

-Roberta G, Arkansas


Note: The creators of Catastrophic Cantaloupe recommend pairing it with Melancholy Melon as an accent color.

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