Digital Marketing (aka Online Marketing)

Digital marketing is likely a new frontier for you.

And, as a business owner, you know by now that you have no choice but to push out into this uncharted territory. So, where do you begin, and which direction should you go?

A quick Google search will flood you with information, most of which is more overwhelming and technical than helpful.

What you need is a guide; someone who knows the landscape and can help you most effectively invest your time and marketing dollars.


How can we help you achieve digital marketing success?

  • We speak your language. Technical terms and unreadable reports aren’t what we believe in. Let’s discuss your options, find what works, monitor it, and keep making your plan more effective.
  • Google Analytics – This is one of the best tools for tracking your success and opportunities.
  • Competitor Analysis & Reporting: Keep an eye on key competition using advanced software
  • Content Marketing – What exactly is involved? Content marketing is the blanket term for your entire online brand management, and how you connect with and are perceived by, new and existing clients.
  • Website optimization – Make your website user-friendly and inviting. The goal is to not only drive them to your site but to get them to request an estimate and hire you.
  • Press Releases – If done correctly, this can drive quality links back to your site. What does that mean to you? The more quality, high ranking links from other sites, the more your website becomes more recognizable to search engines
  • Getting Online Reviews
  • And Much More…depends on your level of involvement (budget)


Website optimization management and expertise

This is the big one.

Website optimization (some will call it search engine optimization: SEO) is both an art and a science, and it requires the right knowledge, cutting-edge techniques, tracking, and valuable content.

While our A David Creation team can help with much of your SEO strategy and content curation, we do work with several professionals we trust who specialize in this unique aspect of digital marketing.

Contact David directly to begin discussing your options and goals. Let’s help you be found (and recognized!) online.