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In this post, I am doing something a bit different. I have talked to many of my clients over the years on using video in their marketing. This can be a tough one for many of you reading this to swallow. So what I’ve done is tried to make this a bit easier for you. I have linked up a number of different types of videos used by others in the industry (and similar industries).

I hope these videos will help inspire your team to begin creating great content for your prospects. The more you can embrace videos and their growing power in today’s online marketing world, the more business you will see come through your doors in the years to come. The key is to be viewed as an educator and expert in your industry.

As you will see from my examples below, many of these videos were produced with very little money. Most of them just took time. A great tool to begin, if you use an iPhone, is iMovie. Download it and try a few videos. They are very simple to do!

Answering Consumer Questions

I put these first two videos at the top, because these are perhaps the best types of videos you can produce, and it does not take much effort on your part. All you have to do is write down questions your prospects and customers have, get out your phone (stick it on a tripod) and start recording. These videos do not need to take longer than 1-2 minutes.

Types of Products To Use and Why

In this short carpet video, one of the owners educates his viewers in the types of carpet to select for his/her home. It depends on a number of different factors. Doing these educational videos, again, builds trust. If you do not do this, your competitor will.

Product Testing

In this video, Chism Brothers Painting foreman, Troy, gives a brief test of several quality bonding primers. All of these products he selected are well known and do a good job. Yet sometimes certain products work better for a particular surface. So he does a bit of product testing and selects the winner for his project. This demonstrates the importance of product knowledge to your consumers.

Or this Product demonstration on Facebook

Short Project Videos

Painters USA, gives viewers a quick snapshot of a concrete polishing project. This type of service requires special skills and expensive equipment.

Lakeside Painting doing a similar concrete polishing and line striping video:

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

In this video, owner Chuck Winkles, shares a brief video of a kitchen refacing project he just completed. The benefit to this type of video is how Chuck was able to explain a few reasons of why refacing can be a less expensive alternative to a full kitchen remodel. His company, New Life Bath & Kitchen, does complete kitchen remodeling as well, but he likes to give his prospects options.

Josh Abramson, Allbright 1-800 PAINTING, getting a bit creative with his project videos this year using a quadcopter.

Customer Testimonials

Steve Burnett, founder of Burnett 1-800 PAINTING, came up a unique idea a few years ago of using his phone to record short and simple customer testimonials. These videos were posted on YouTube and his website. This helped build local search, trust and credibility. Great job, Steve!

Company Informative Video

How To Videos

Not everyone watching your videos will be DIYers. Sometimes they are searching for answers to problems they might have on their home or property, but they do not want to do the work themselves. If your company is the continually pushing out educational content, you’ll be viewed as the expert in your community. When they are ready to hire, you will be the brand they remember most!

Jobsite Visits

This was a video I did with a client of mine using Google Hangouts. I did a brief interview with Barry on a jobsite. It is a little shaky, as you’ll see. But it was a pretty neat idea of being able to show a project “live.”

About David Chism

David Chism started his business out of a passion for helping small contracting businesses grow, be more profitable and become better known to their target clients. One lifelong hobby of David is using techie gadgets. So this blog is a place where he writes about technology, marketing ideas, just for fun (humor), personal thoughts on small business and more.


  • Chris Haught says:

    David, those are some great examples of how to use video, with proven results. I think everyone has a smartphone now, can they just use that and upload to Youtube straight from their phone? Thanks

    • David Chism says:

      Chris, Yes, you can shoot the video and upload directly to YouTube. The main thing is to make sure the user is logged into the correct YouTube account, the one that will be most used. For example, I’d recommend 1 youtube account for Google Plus (company page). When you use iMovie, when done, that can go to YouTube as well. Real simple!

  • Steve says:

    Hi David,

    Great post and thank you very much for the mention.

    #KeepItCaffeinated brother!

  • Tess Wittler says:

    I echo Chris’ comments. Since each of us have different preferences of how we want to consume content (read, video, audio), a good content marketing strategy involves a variety. Video, as long as it is short, is becoming the go-to choice for many consumers because it is easily consumed. Include a short write up for those who want to scan contents, and it can be quite effective.

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