Facebook Is Changing! How Will Your Company Page Be Impacted?

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If you haven’t heard about it yet, let me be the one to break the news to you.

Facebook is changing in a massive way, and things will never be the same.

To quote the R.E.M. song, it’s the end of the [Facebook] world as we know it. But before you crawl into your social media bunker and wait for impact, we’ve put together a quick overview of what you need to know to survive. 

What’s Happening to Facebook???

changes to FB business pages 2018


You may remember that Facebook was founded as a way to simply keep people in touch. It was exclusively for college students at first, but quickly exploded and expanded to include all sorts of young folks, then not-so-young folks. Businesses then realized the potential goldmine and began seeking their fortunes, turning Facebook into a marketing playground. You can reach almost any audience and demographic with laser precision, and as Facebook’s marketing tools grow even more sophisticated the possibilities become even more endless.

The result, inevitably, is that Facebook has become overly-saturated (almost dripping) with media that people don’t really want to see. If you use it, you know what I’m talking about.

All of that is about to change.

Facebook is going back to its roots, changing their algorithms to serve up content in your feed that you really want to see and that they’re positive you’ll find interesting.

Facebook Changes and Your Business Page

While all of the above sounds great, and it is in many ways, this does mean your business’ company page will feel a negative impact. Organic (unpaid/promoted) reach is going to be slashed, and Facebook will penalize you for using clickbait language, or for begging for engagement, clicks, likes, and shares. Doing that is a bad practice anyway, but now it will be catastrophic for your post’s reach.

In other words, your page posts have very little gas in their tanks and just won’t chug along as far.


Thriving and Surviving in the New Facebook Era (it can be done!)

tips for small business Facebook pages

Here’s what you need to know!

Paid Promotion Will Become Essential

Let’s face it: Facebook is happy to take your money, but it IS money well spent. Paying for on-page promotions (boosting) is a cost-effective way to push your most valuable content further, and you can refine/tune your audience to get the most bang for your buck.

Facebook Ads will also be more valuable than ever. If you have questions about this for your contracting business, let us know! With the right guidance and development, Ads can be a powerful way to ensure your content still reaches its target audience.

Create Engaging Content

Remember, Facebook will give more value and priority to posts that are engaged with. If you can get a bunch of comments, fantastic! How do you do this?

  • Go for QUALITY posts over QUANTITY.
  • Create engaging content (to put it bluntly, don’t be boring!).
  • Share photos of your work, your team, your dog, or that cool thing you saw in the sky. People are visual, so give them visuals.
  • Be YOURSELF! Online viewers are smarter, more sophisticated, and more critical than ever, and they can smell clickbait a mile away. Show your company’s personality and have fun, creating a page and posts that people actually want to see.
  • Go LIVE! Live videos are engaging, and offer a direct connection between you and your viewers/followers. Video in general is important, so if you’re a little camera shy don’t feel you need to go live at first. Just make videos and start sharing them.
  • Share! Social media is, well, social. Don’t make the conversation all about you. Share something cool you saw, an article you read (if it’s relevant), or promote a different local business.
  • Be ready to utilize Facebook Messenger! More on that right here…

Offer Value

If we’re real, there are more than enough Happy Monday memes to go around, or reminders that people need coffee at 3pm. Think outside the box!

Build a Fanbase, Not Just a Following

You can give away all the prizes you want, or even purchase a boatload of page followers, but that doesn’t further your brand or create advocates. 150 dedicated followers is better than 11,225 who can’t really remember why they’re even following you.

Stay Consistent!

Keep at it, and stay consistent. After all, if Facebook is more selective, it just means that you have the opportunity to shine that much brighter than your competition. The algorithms are weeding companies out! Dig deep, dedicate yourself, and get ready to grow.

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