Family-Owned Painting Company Adopts New Employees

Posted by Adam Zobel | Thu, Sep 21, 2017

 Family-Owned Painting Company Adopts New Employees
DEER­FIELD, NH — A small paint­ing com­pa­ny in New Eng­land is mak­ing a big splash. They’ve been fam­i­ly-owned-and-oper­at­ed for decades, but the demand for house paint­ing has stretched them thin. Our rep­u­ta­tion as a fam­i­ly-run busi­ness is real impor­tant to us. That’s the way we’ve always done things, and we’ll do what it takes to keep it that way.” Mar­tin S. is the own­er of Shoe­mak­er & Sons Paint­ing. He wears a flan­nel jack­et over a flan­nel shirt, over a New Eng­land Patri­ots jer­sey. Trou­ble is, it’s get­tin’ wicked hard to han­dle all the jobs comin’ in.” In order to keep up with the grow­ing demand for house paint­ing, Mar­tin and his wife Gertrude have come up with a solu­tion… adopt. family owned painting company adopts It’s a lit­tle weird,” says Josh Shoe­mak­er, who was recent­ly hired into the fam­i­ly and required to change his last name. He sits on a chair in the den, munch­ing on apple slices dipped in peanut but­ter, a snack pro­vid­ed by Gertrude between jobs. The pay and ben­e­fits are great, for sure. But I mean, the bunkbeds and fam­i­ly din­ners are a lit­tle much.” Bri­an Shoe­mak­er, the newest fam­i­ly mem­ber, is less thrilled. I need­ed a job, but man. I’m real tired of get­ting ground­ed every time I step out for a smoke.” Mar­tin has high hopes for the company’s future. With four new boys in the fam­i­ly, Shoe­mak­er & Sons is in wicked good shape for the com­ing season!” He sips from a Bud Lite inside a Red Sox koozie. Heck, we might have to build some new bunkbeds soon!”

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