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Fancy-HandsIn the early summer of 2013, I heard about a startup company called Fancy Hands that handled a plethora of misc 15 minute task without outsourcing overseas. Fancy Hands used Americans to handle the little things you or I could do but could easily be delegated to someone else. 

Well, I gave Fancy Hands a try thinking I might use it for a month or two. I signed up for the basic account which was, I think $15 a month at the time? I wondered if I would use up the 3 task with the basic plan. The hard part was wondering what to send the Fancy Hands folks to do for me? I was used to doing so many things myself! It did not take long before I was purchasing more task and upgrading my plan. As I write this blog, I am still using Fancy Hands every month and normally use up every task. If I do not use up a task, it rolls over to the next month. I know I could use their services more, and I am continually looking at ways I can have Fancy Hands get more involved saving me time.

How I Use Fancy Hands

I use Fancy Hands for all sorts of task, which is why I am now recommending it to my readers to try it out. I think it is a great way to delegate things that can easily be handled by someone else and free up more of your time. I use them to edit my documents or blog post just to get a second pair of eyes on something before I send or publish something. They are super fast at responding for things like that. I have also had them create Google and Microsoft Documents & Spreadsheets for me with a number of those task being very complex. The talent pool at Fancy Hands is awesome! Since I started, the cost has gone up to start at $30 a month for 5 task (called “Credits”) which are 20 minutes or less each. If a task goes over that, I have to approve using more credits (which is easy to do). Only a couple of times have I had an assistant do a task that did not impress me. On almost all the task I’ve requested over the past few years, I have been very impressed with what has been done by the assistants.

If I cannot figure out how to do a certain formula in a Google Sheet: Fancy Hands is there to help! I have had them do a ton of research projects, call vendors back, schedule meetings, help plan vacation, market research and more!

This is a short post just to introduce to you something that keeps me more free to run my business and enjoy time with my family. I hope you will come to see just how cool Fancy Hands can be for your personal or business needs. Let me know what you think! You can sign up at this link to save 50% on the first month. So it will only cost you $15 bucks.

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