Freshbooks and Quickbooks Online

Posted by David Chism | Fri, Jun 4, 2010

 Freshbooks and Quickbooks Online
I’d high­ly rec­om­mend two great online pro­grams: Fresh­books and Quick­books Online. Invoic­ing Made Easy Fresh­books is the eas­i­est invoic­ing sys­tem in the world. There is noth­ing that comes close to this pro­gram. Stop look­ing for anoth­er option and try Fresh­books. It is incred­i­ble. A num­ber of my paint­ing clients want to switch but can’t because they use Quick­books (which I’ll talk about in a minute). Why do they want to switch so bad? Because it is Invoic­ing Made Easy!” Fresh­books offers the fol­low­ing great fea­tures for a small ser­vice busi­ness: Basic Cus­tomer Data­base, Cre­ate & Send Esti­mates, Invoic­es, Expens­es, Run Sim­ple Account­ing Reports: Bal­ance Sheets and P&L, Track Time and Bill Clients and Accept Online Pay­ments. Why is it easy? You don’t have to open an email pro­gram or attach any­thing. Every­thing is done with­in Fresh­books. How Does Fresh­books Work First, you type in a clien­t’s con­tact infor­ma­tion. Sec­ond, you cre­ate a new esti­mate. A con­trac­tor can have a tem­plate for his/​her ser­vices along with prices. Once you cre­ate the esti­mate, it gives you a cou­ple of options. You can send as a PDF by email, email it through Fresh­books (rec­om­mend­ed) or USPS using Fresh­books to do the send­ing (enve­lope, stamped and mailed). Once the client views the esti­mate, he can either com­ment on changes he’d like to make or click Accept Esti­mate.” Fresh­books then con­verts it right into an Invoice for you to approve and send your client. The client then has the option to mail a check or click Pay Online.” If they select to pay by Cred­it Card, you will receive a con­fir­ma­tion once the trans­ac­tion goes through and Fresh­books will mark the invoice” as paid! I use Fresh­books for my entire account­ing sys­tem as I don’t have employ­ees. So I use the expense” tap to keep track of all my expens­es, which are import­ed using my bank and Expen­si­fy. I then email my report to my account dur­ing tax sea­son. Give Fresh­books a Try! You’ll love it! Quick­books Online Quick­books is the leader in small busi­ness account­ing soft­ware. A cou­ple of years ago, they cre­at­ed Quick­books Online (QBO). It was not until the last year that QBO became a viable option for ser­vice com­pa­nies. This is because Intu­it made some pret­ty sub­stan­tial upgrades to the online pro­gram and entic­ing low month­ly cost. One of the best things about Quick­books Online is that every­thing is in the clouds.” You don’t have to pur­chase QB upgrades each year. Instead you just have one low month­ly bill: typ­i­cal­ly $25 – 35 a month. This is worth it, because it includes tech­ni­cal sup­port. QBO is a full account­ing sys­tem: invoic­ing, job track­ing, bud­get­ing, esti­mates, auto­mat­ic bank rec­on­cil­i­a­tion and much much more. I’ve heard from a few accoun­tants that they are not ready to switch to QBO because it is still a small­er ver­sion of the PC soft­ware Quick­books Pro.” So, talk to your accoun­tant and see if it will do what you want. I tried it out for a month or two, and all though it was too big for my com­pa­ny, it was pret­ty easy to use. Now, if you are a con­trac­tor, what pro­gram is right for you? In most cas­es, I’d sug­gest Quick­books Online, but do talk to your Accoun­tant. Some accoun­tants don’t like QB online because it lacks a few key fea­tures such as good Pay­roll and Job Cost­ing. Fresh­books, even though it will do esti­mates and basic expens­es, Quick­books real­ly has a lot more fea­tures. Fresh­books also does not claim to be an account­ing pro­gram. It spe­cial­izes in invoic­ing. It also inte­grates with a lot of 3rd par­ty online pro­grams, and I hope some­day it will inte­grate with Quick­books. Right now, Quick­books Online will do every­thing Fresh­books can do. The dif­fer­ence is that QBO is not as fun to use as Fresh­books, it does not have a com­pa­ny brand­ed web­site (Fresh­books does) and Quick­books only allows for email­ing or mail­ing invoic­es: in oth­er words, a client can’t accept esti­mates and invoic­es through Quick­books Online. So for now, con­trac­tors, use Quickbooks…and if you have anoth­er $25 – 30 extra a month, use Fresh­books! Fresh­books is real­ly geared toward the free­lance and very small busi­ness own­ers such as a web design­er, mar­ket­ing guy like me or even an online retail­er. If you have fur­ther ques­tions, let me know.

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