Get More Facebook Followers From Your Networking Groups

Posted by David Chism | Wed, May 11, 2011

 Get More Facebook Followers From Your Networking Groups
Build­ing Face­book likes” for your con­tract­ing busi­ness takes time and patience. Yes you can run Face­book ads, deals and spe­cials to help increase the num­bers, and that can work. In this brief blog I will sug­gest a cou­ple ways to increase your Face­book fol­low­ers using your net­work­ing groups. The Net­work­ing Group Tip If you are part of a Busi­ness Net­work­ing Inter­na­tion­al (BNI) group, then you know that each of you get a 60 sec­ond com­mer­cial every sin­gle week. Some­times you will use most of those 60 sec­onds to remind the mem­bers what you do. After a cou­ple months of that, peo­ple def­i­nite­ly tune you out. So, start with some­thing new and dif­fer­ent. Ask the BNI (Rotary Club, Cham­ber, etc.) mem­bers to join your Face­book fan page. Ask them if they’d do you a HUGE favor and invite some of their local friends to join your page too. Tell them get­ting new likes” are sim­i­lar to get­ting refer­rals to you! Get a com­mit­ment or a show of hands who is will­ing to do it. I know this sounds a lit­tle bold, but I’ve been to BNI, and peo­ple there are very eager to help and pro­mote each oth­er. Track­ing the Progress Since you should have a mem­bers list, go ahead and cre­ate a spread­sheet of all the names of the mem­bers and if and when they join your busi­ness page. On that spread­sheet, keep track of the num­ber of likes” you have and when you get more. This will help you know if and when you should pro­mote your Face­book fan page again…and even cor­ner a few peo­ple who have not joined your page yet (do this in a fun and friend­ly way of course). For future 60 sec­ond com­mer­cials, use those times to ask your mem­bers what things they’d like to see on your page and also share any updates you’ve made such as: con­test, amaz­ing before and after shots, fea­tured how to videos, tips on dec­o­rat­ing, etc. Impor­tant: Also spend time point­ing out oth­er peo­ple’s Face­book pages and things you like about them. This is what social media is all about: gen­uine shar­ing and con­nect­ing with peo­ple. Have you tried this tip” or have anoth­er idea on how to grow your Face­book busi­ness page by networking?

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