Homeowner Pays Painter To Leave Job

Posted by Adam Zobel | Mon, May 7, 2018

 Homeowner Pays Painter To Leave Job
Rose Hill, VA- Joan Slotch hired Paul the Painter 7 weeks ago to paint four rooms in her Rose Hill home.funny painting blog I should’ve known it was too good to be true,” Joan says, ref­er­enc­ing Paul’s spe­cial offer: Paint 1 Room, Get 3 Free. Look­ing back, Joan also says that the hand-writ­ten busi­ness card should have been a red flag, as well as the fact that Paul worked out of his sister’s mini­van and seemed to only own one brush. His excus­es for the delays were so con­vinc­ing,” Joan went on to say while spritz­ing her liv­ing room with Febreze to mask the lin­ger­ing smell of Paul’s cig­a­rette smoke. He was always wait­ing for the last coat to dry, want­i­ng to make sure the tone matched, what­ev­er that means, cook­ing up a fresh batch of spack­le, or wait­ing for cof­fee to fin­ish brew­ing. From MY cof­fee pot! He blamed my slow wifi once… He also liked to say, Hey, you can’t rush genius. The 16th Chapel wasn’t paint­ed in a day.’” After 7 weeks of frus­tra­tion, Joan final­ly paid Paul the bal­ance (plus a get-lost incen­tive”) she owed and told him to leave. Accord­ing to Joan, Paul shrugged, fin­ished apply­ing his sun­tan lotion, then got down from the roof. I should’ve just paid more for some­body rep­utable, I guess,” Joan says. Maybe next time.”

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