How Are You Responding To the Coronavirus?

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Over the past few days I’ve been receiving more and more requests for help with creating content that our clients can use to calm their own clients. After all, with the prevailing recommendation being to close your doors and avoid exposure, why risk having a painter or remodeler come work in your home, right? 

First, I don’t pretend to be an infectious disease expert. And, I also don’t want to be an armchair healthcare professional – we have plenty of those on social media.

But the reality, no matter what, is that people are getting sick, and people are getting afraid. So, what can you do from a marketing/business perspective?

Make a Plan for Minimizing Coronavirus Risk

When our clients have reached out to me, I’ve been turning the question right around by asking: “What ARE you doing about it?”

I don’t want to tell people to just relax in a carefully-worded email or social media post. I’d much rather share what you are specifically doing. 

Typically, these plans involve:

  • Carefully screening the health of your team. 
  • Making provisions for additional paid sick time, just so that if one of your team members IS sick, they don’t risk coming into work to make their full 40-hour paycheck. 
  • If your team has traveled recently, especially abroad, give them a chunk of time off to make sure they’re healthy. 
  • Keep hand sanitizer in your vans. And, make sure your estimators carry it with them!
  • No handshakes, high-fives, etc. Follow the three-foot rule.
  • Keep large meetings to a minimum (make them virtual instead!). As an example, we use Zoom and have really enjoyed it. Other providers, like Loom, are even extending free trials and lowering costs to give more people access to their product.
  • If you have an office team, let them work remotely.
  • Focus on exterior jobs whenever possible, minimizing the risk of working indoors. 

Don’t Forget To Protect Your Team!

With lead counts to reach and sales goals on your mind, it can be easy to focus on protecting and reassuring your clients. 

At the same time, remember that you have a duty to protect your team as well, and provide a safe work environment. I wouldn’t hesitate to make sure your prospective client is healthy, maybe asking a few key questions before working in their home. The courtesy needs to go both ways. 

Don’t Ignore the Coronavirus – It’ll Be Here a While

The prediction is that this issue is going to get much worse before it gets better. Without buying into any hysteria, it’s wise to make a clear action plan and make that action plan public. Whether it’s a standard email, a page on your website, or a blog article, let people know that you take the risk seriously and have a plan in place. 

In the meantime? Keep the content flowing on social media, showing your team at work and completing projects locally. That will help to provide peace of mind as well. 

Make the plan and work it! We’ll get through this.

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Adam came to us with a background in teaching, writing, and a work history that included serving numerous small businesses (including assisting with content writing and marketing efforts). He was a natural fit, and enjoys connecting with our clients, creating unique content that reflects their culture and voice. We keep him busy! Adam handles blogging, email campaigns, website content creation, copywriting for print and promotional materials, social media, letters, mailers, and more. He also does a dynamo impression of Nicolas Cage, but you didn’t hear that from us. Adam lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two boys. He is also a 1st cousin of David’s wife!

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