How To Ask For More Work and Get It

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A few months ago, I wrote a blog called “Would You Like Fries With That.” I was inspired to write on the subject of encouraging your employees to ask for more work because they are more influential than most of us think. They can easily build rapport on a project better than the salesman and close more additional work.

This is a quick follow up to that post to keep encouraging you all to keep enabling your team to sell additional work. It works! I followed up with my dad today in how his staff was doing in selling additional work. He told me that one of his crew leaders recently sold $30,000 worth of extra work on just two jobs by using this statement to his customer, “You should consider doing ______.” This was after my dad already mentioned the same areas that needed work. The customer didn’t budge until the painter, whom they loved, made the same observation.

In all situations, continue to be a company of high integrity and only look for things that really are crucial. Encourage and remind your staff at every meeting about this simple yet effective tool of asking for more work and watch your profits and revenue increase.

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