How to Create an Away Message in Gmail on Your Phone

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How many times have you rushed out of town or taken a day off only to forget to set an away message on your email account? I’ve done this plenty of times in the past. I used to have to wait to get in front of a desktop computer, login and set the away message. If you are using Google Apps for Business (Gmail) there is a more simple way to set an away message remotely, right from your phone.

Download the Gmail App

Vacation Gmail-Responder-2

  1. The first step is to download from the Apple store: Gmail (See Screenshot)
  2. Login to your google account:
  3. Once you are in the App, click on the upper left hand icon that has 3 horizontal lines.
  4. When you tap on that, you’ll be taken to this screen. Click on the upper right corner of the black screen area that looks like a nut. See Example
  5. Next step is to turn on the Vacation Responder. See Screenshot
  6. After you turn on the Vacation Responder to the ON function, you can type your email response, change the start and end dates and then hit the SAVE button in the top right hand corner. See Screenshot

That is all there is to it. If you ever want to make changes, you can just follow the steps above again.

This is a nifty thing to do even if you plan on being gone for the afternoon or morning. It lets people know that you are not available but will respond soon. People today can be very impatient if they do not hear back the same day (sometimes the same hour), and it is nice to at least give them a little heads up and practice patience.

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