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I would have thought it was difficult to get a high end homeowner to be willing to do a 30-60 second testimonial for a contractor, but Burnett Painting has proven it to be successful. Here are his “secrets.”

“First, they must be Raving Fans!

At the end I ask them if they would be willing to help us? There always interested, so I explain that its very hard to get and stay at the top of Google, but with 10 second videos stating their name, town, and “Burnett Painting” that will help us as Google transcribes all of the You Tube videos and greatly helps us stay towards the top! And if they would be so kind to mention their experience with Burnett Painting.

Most are all for it. 1 out of 10 just will not do videos. and those in between need to be encouraged!

I used to use my Flip Video as it loaded to our You Tube channel easily… then I learned how I can send it directly from my Droid phone!”
Thanks Steve for sharing this tip! Take a look at Steve’s websites and view some of his customer testimonials. These are not Hollywood productions but rather: point, record, upload! That’s it! I think one of the key takeaways is that some customers “need to be encouraged.” They are your clients. They bought your service. They like YOU. So ask them to help you grow your business. As Steve points out, encourage them, and they’ll do it.


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  • Tim says:

    Hi David!!!!

    How does Steve get his customers to submit a video testimonial?

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts!!!!


  • David says:


    Tim, I’ll let Steve respond to this. Can you be a little more specific when you say how does he do it? He doesn’t have them submit a video. Rather, he does the video for them. He goes to their house and records it for them. Is that what you mean? He simply asked them and gets a good response of people willing to do it. Is that what you wanted to know or something else?

  • Steve says:

    Hi Tim,

    Yes, David is correct. I video record them directly using my droid phone. I used to use a Flip Video and then learned I could ealisy upload it to my youtube channel directly from my phone.

    Much success,

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