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As I wrap up my 10th year in business, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the customers I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside as a marketing manager. I also enjoy reviewing their different successes and stories, finding common themes among sometimes very different companies. 

While every company may be unique, there are really three universal ways to grow your painting business in 2020, and specifically to grow your leads. I’ll wrap things up below with my best recommendation too, and it may take you a bit by surprise (given the source).

Option 1: Funnel More Dollars Into Marketing Efforts

If you have a good plan in place and a solid team, growing your marketing budget will certainly increase leads. And, as a marketing guy, I obviously love that idea! There are lots of valuable ways to invest in the reach and visibility of your business, on and offline. 

But that’s not the only option, or even necessarily the best…

Option 2: Put Time and Energy Into Your Community

Fair warning: this approach takes a lot of work! 

Investing in your community may not yield a visible return for a while, and you’ll be spending money on local sponsorships, attending events, giving back to charities, fundraisers, and donating your expertise.

But, those companies I work with that have consistently done that do see a strong uptick in growth and community trust over time, and that’s invaluable. They tend to absolutely dominate their market. Plus, their employees have more pride in their work, position, and company, especially as their employer becomes more of a household name.

That’s priceless.

Option 3: Focus On Customer Service

Last, but certainly not least, you can focus very hard on customer service in 2020. Whatever it takes, you’re all about 100% customer satisfaction. 

Now, it’s impossible to please every customer all the time – we know that without a doubt. Despite that, the absolute drive and focus of your company should be that 100% satisfaction, from the office to the field.

Not only will your reputation grow, but you also will eventually lower costs related to labor problems, call backs, etc. Certainly a valuable focus that will pay off in no time at all with happy customers and overall business growth. 

So, Where Should Your Focus Be in 2020?

While you might think the marketing guy would push the marketing spend increase, I actually would recommend focusing on customer service first and foremost, then layer in community involvement as well. It’s a longer game, but will build your foundation and growth trajectory better than anything else.

As a final reminder, don’t forget your employees. They’re the lifeblood of your organization, and if you treat them well and invest in their growth, you won’t be spending extra on marketing to get your phone to ring. Happy team members make for happy clients, better quality work, and more of those golden referrals. 

Whatever your specific focus might be, I (and the ADC team) wish you all the best in 2020!

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