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If you are like me, I’ve run out of the office for an extended period of time and forgot to set my away message. Sure if you remember at some point during the day when you are in front of a desktop or laptop you can do it, but what about when you remember and all you have is your iPhone? If you use Google Apps for Business and an iPhone (I’m sure the same thing works with an Android) then this short tutorial will save you time and keep you looking professional.

Step By Step

Note: I’m giving you the detailed step by step approach. Advanced users of the iPhone know there are faster ways to access Gmail)

Step 1: Open up Safari and type in in your browser

Step 2: Click on the GMAIL icon

Step 3: Click the Blue Button “Visit Now”

Step 4: Login to Your Gmail Account

Step 5: Once logged in, touch the Menu button at the top left corner 

Step 6: Then touch the Tool icon at the top right corner 

Step 7:
Final step is to tap the button that says, “Enable vacation responder” Choose your dates, add your message and tap APPLY when done (top right hand corner)

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  • Barbara says:

    Thank you very much for helping me set up my away message from my phone since i was not near a computer.! Have a great weekend! My husband has an iphone plus but a business email account so i’m not sure how to set that up any suggestions?? thanks

    • David Chism says:

      Barbara, Glad I could help!

      What business email account is your husband using? It is a Google account for business? If so, he’d follow a similar process. Or he can download the Gmail app from Apple’s iTune Store, go to the settings and click on the vacation button there too.

      If he is not using a gmail system for work, it would depend on his email provider and the app he is using.

  • Rob Muller says:

    Thanks!! Huge help. Very easy, even for me, a relatively technologically illiterate old guy.

  • Renee Jones says:

    Thank you so much!!!! I was suddenly sick and needed this desperately as I left the office quickly without setting this up.

  • Robert Smith says:

    Great ! its is the fastest way to access gmail on phone. because you don’t carry your laptop anywhere, so thats why every one choose this method to gets your message in less time……

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