How to Setup Multiple Google Calendars on an iPhone

Posted by David Chism | Sat, Aug 25, 2012

If you are a Google Cal­en­dar junkie or using Google Apps for your busi­ness, you’ll love this fea­ture of view­ing mul­ti­ple cal­en­dars on your iPhone. This is a must for busi­ness peo­ple so one can not only view but can even sched­ule appoint­ments for oth­er team mem­bers. If you have any ques­tions regard­ing Google Apps for your busi­ness, please con­tact us.
Step by Step Setup  Step 1. Open Up Your Brows­er Safari or Chrome
Step 2. Type in:
Step 3a. Tap: Sign in with your Google Account
Step 3b. Sign In To Your Main Google Account: You can do this with Google Apps (for busi­ness) or your per­son­al Gmail account login. To make sure all the cal­en­dars you have are acces­si­ble to your iPhone, you first need to make sure they are shared / vis­i­ble on your desk­top ver­sion of Google Cal­en­dar. If you get stuck here, email me.
Step 4. Find your device with the most recent sync and tap it.  This will list all your mobile devices (iPads and iPhones)
Step 5. Check off the emails you want to sync and dis­play on your iPhone Cal­en­dar App. Then tap SAVE
Step 6. Check/​Uncheck to show/​hide your cal­en­dars and tap DONE. Use EDIT But­ton to change cal­en­dar colors. 
If you are not cur­rent­ly using Google Apps for your busi­ness or are but need help set­ting that up on your device, Read my old” blog How to Set­up Google Apps on iPhone.

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