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If you’ve read any of my articles or talked to me in person, you know how passionate I am about contractors taking quality video and photos of their work. 

There are many reasons why every contractor should be doing this, and it’s not always just about getting the phone to ring. In fact, as I write this post, my customers are swamped with leads. When that’s the case, the temptation is to stop taking pictures and pull way back on marketing. 

The fact is, photos… are… everything… Especially today when so many of YOUR current and potential clients are spending time on social media, they want to actually see you, your skills, and your company.

They don’t just digest ads anymore. 

Remember the “yellow pages” days? Similar to that old method of flipping through service providers and picking a pro, today’s homeowners “flip through” social media to see who catches their eye, who makes them feel most comfortable, and who seems like a good fit for their needs. 

Let’s Get Practical: How Do You Take and Capture Images?

Lancaster Painting does an AWESOME job capturing pictures of their team members in action.

Let’s say you’re already taking pictures (kudos to you!), but you’re just not really sure which app to use, or how to organize, save, download, upload, share, etc… It’s all a little overwhelming, right?

Back in 2017, I wrote about a nifty photo-taking app called CompanyCam, and I evaluated some of the pros and cons of that tool. In this post, I won’t go into the details about all it can do. I covered it in the blog post I wrote in 2017. Just review that and know that it is even better 2 years later. 

Fast forward to 2019 and CompanyCam is now my #1 recommended picture and video taking app for contractors. 

If you’re not using it, you are missing out. 

Any hesitations I had in my 2017 article have been addressed and improved by CompanyCam, so it now has my 100% stamp of approval. 

Test It Out!

CompanyCam has also offered my customers and readers a 30-day risk-free trial instead of the standard 14-day trial. Just click on this link to learn more and sign up for a trial for your team. It’s $12 bucks a month per user – can’t beat that price for what it can do to save you time and money!

A Word About Company Culture: Focus On More Than Just Project Photos

Webfoot Painting shared this pic of two team members donating their time to a community project – how awesome is that? Company culture in action!

If you are busy and don’t need as many leads right now, I would still recommend taking photos and videos of your work for several reasons:

  1. It should be part of your system – don’t deviate (make it part of your standard operating procedures).
  2. It helps your operating/production team to review project photos and notes before work starts. Then sales and operations can better communicate!
  3. You’ll have marketing photos now or in the future when you need them. You never know when you’ll need those images to help sell a project. 
  4. It might save your hide! If you carefully document your work using an app like CompanyCam, it just might save your business from legal trouble, or maybe even defuse an upset customer blaming you for something your team did not do! What if you could document that the scratches on the floor were already there? What if the customer did select “Unicorn Swirl” for their countertops when they remember specifically it was Arizona Beige? Take a photo of the color selection (CompanyCam timestamps it). 
  5. Company Culture: your field employees take pride in their work, or at least they should! When you take photos of the work and post them on social media, it is not always about lead generation. You are building a company culture. This is the perfect opportunity to brag about your amazing team. Call out your team members by name and start bragging about all the cool things they accomplished on that job! It does not always need to be posted on social media, either. You can use those images for company meetings too. 

If you are struggling to find and utilize that perfect photo-taking tool, give CompanyCam a serious, deep-dive trial. It also integrates with a number of popular CRM applications on the market today as well. This single tool could be one of the best decisions you make for your business in 2019. 

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